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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Not to be confused with the Death Wish challenge of the same name.

Seal the Deal is the first DLC for A Hat in Time. It was released for PCs on September 13, 2018, Nintendo Switch on October 18, 2019 and Playstation and Xbox on March 31, 2021

New Chapter: The Arctic Cruise[]

Arctic Cruise Teaser

The cruise line, as seen in Bon Voyage!

The DLC adds a new chapter called The Arctic Cruise. In this chapter, Hat Kid helps serve on a cruise line run by seals, with a giant surly walrus as captain. Several NPCs from the main game will be on the cruises, such as Mafia Goons and C.A.W Agents, as well as new characters such as Fishdude and Power Octopus.

It is found down an elevator in the engine room after Hat Kid collects 35 time pieces.

Death Wish Mode[]

Death Wish Snatcher Teaser

The Snatcher in Hat Kid's room

Death Wish Mode is a new challenge mode with more difficult stages, bosses, time rifts and may have other challenges as well. There are a total of 111 challenges to overcome. Clearing challenges provides customization rewards.

Time Rifts[]

Seal the Deal adds six new Time Rifts:


Seal the Deal adds many new customization options, such as new flairs, dyes, badges, camera filters and introduced new outfits for Hat Kid to wear. They can be unlocked in the Death Wish Mode.

One of the new badges is called the Nostalgia Badge, which makes Hat Kid and everything around her more blocky and less detailed, giving off the look of a game from the Nintendo 64.




  • When the DLC was first released, it was free for the first 24 hours.