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Seal the Deal is the final challenge in the Death Wish Mode from the Seal the Deal DLC. It is a boss rush of all of the hard mode bosses.

Challenge Summary

Snatcher puts Hat Kid through a boss rush containing all the powered-up versions of the bosses in Death Wish. However, the order of fights goes from Mafia boss to Conductor/DJ Grooves then Mustache Girl. But once Mustache Girl is beat, the Snatcher brings Hat Kid to HIS arena, and in a presumable last-ditch attempt, fights her himself for the final time.

However, the fight is a little bit different. While the patterns and attacks remain the same, they have been enhanced with attacks from the previous fights. When Snatcher does his teleporting attack, for instance, he also fires five buzz-saws from the Conductor/Grooves fight aimed right at Hat Kid. His energy pillars will now shoot the ground sparks from the Mafia Boss's Supercharge attack, and purple Time Pieces (from Mustache Girl) and Stage Lights (from Conductor/Grooves) constantly rain down from above.

Even with these enhancements, if the player manages to defeat Snatcher for the last time, the Ball of Time Pieces from the Mustache Girl boss will appear, and collecting it will complete the challenge and unlock the Shadow Puppet Costume.


  • This Challenge's name is directly based on the DLC pack it came in.
  • Peace&Tranquility can not be enabled until you die in Killing Two Birds.
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