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The Sandworm was an NPC for A Hat in Time that was originally supposed to appear in Sand n' Sails.



Given what is shown in renders and the cameos found in the proper release of the game, Sandworm would be a typical large worm with a light tan body with several orange spikes across its segments, as well as four larger "pincers" at the top of its head surrounding its mouth.

All around Sandworm is various hats, clothing and items hung or pierced through with its external spikes, along with a sign on the top of its head reading "Sale Sale Sale".


Given that it was never implemented in the game proper, assumptions around its role points to it serving the role of a merchant who would often appear throughout Sand n' Sails and bug Hat Kid to buy his merchandise. What he sold is unknown.

This could be a hold-over of the typical merchant character found throughout the various Chapters before the Badge Seller was conceptualized and created.


Though being cut from the game, the Sandworm still makes a cameo appearance in the final release of A Hat in Time. He can be found as a toy in the toy box in Hat Kid's bedroom, flickering in and out of existence, which also houses a great many other cut character models.