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Moonjumper Head "Are you lost too? I've been lost for as long as I can remember."
Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Sand 'n Sails was an earlier concept for what would become Alpine Skyline in the final game. Unlike Alpine Skyline, which takes place in a mountainous region, Sand 'n Sails was to take on a desert theme. The change was due to a mismatch between visuals and gameplay.


Sand 'n Sails was comprised of a chain of desert villages, with wide stretches of sand between. To traverse these dry, dangerous, snake-infested dunes, Hat Kid would hop onto her Sandmobile. Players needed to carry water flasks while traversing between areas, or Hat Kid would die of thirst. The chapter was fully open, and players could get Time Pieces in any order they'd like. No acts were to appear. Areas would be surrounded by a red ring to signify its boundaries.

In the final build of the game, Alpine Skyline shares the same concept of exploring a large open world.


Travelers and cactus-like NPCs would populate the villages that Hat Kid would travel to. The Travelers were reused as Nomads for the final game while the Cactus NPCs were cut altogether.

It is presumed that the Sandworm was intended for this chapter. Thor was planning to give Hat Kid her Sandmobile, but was cut from the game following the chapter's transition to Alpine Skyline.


Jonas Kaerlev explained in an interview with Beta64 that the decision to rework Sand n’ Sails into Alpine Skyline came about while the team was trying to make traversing the map more interesting. The team experimented with auto-generating obstacles in the desert (a move Jonas said “never felt right”) and giving Hat Kid special running shoes that allowed her to traverse the desert faster. Eventually, an idea of making platforming sections over toxic sand came about, at which point the team decided to use the hook shot on ropes instead. After implementing this, the team realized the toxic sand didn’t make sense, so it was changed to a pit, with the justification being that the areas of the map were on giant sand pillars. After this was implemented, it was decided to rework the level into Alpine Skyline, as changing the sand pillars into mountains and the ropes into ski lines made more sense.



A Hat in Time Developer Video - Sand & Sails Pumping Pumpkin Factory - Alpha Beta


A Hat in Time Developer Video - Chapter 4 Twilight Dungeon - Alpha Beta


  • In Hat Kid's Room, a drawing of a place strongly resembling Sand 'n Sails can be seen.
  • Several pieces the Wowls play are actually remixes of songs that were to appear in Sand 'n Sails.
  • Much of the chapter's content was either recycled, or just left in the game's files for modders to use.
  • This chapter can still be seen on the planet.
  • The Sandworm and the Shady Sunburnt were the only two NPCs kinda used from here. Sandworm can be seen in the Toy Chests in Hat Kid's Bedroom while the Shady Sunburnt became a frozen victim of Queen Vanessa located in the nursery.