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Sam the Detective is a scrapped character in A Hat in Time. As his name implies, he is a detective and was going to appear in Calcite.

In the early footage, he used a model of Hat Kid called "Hat Kid Greg", the model used in the prototype builds, and also the physics and animations for a placeholder because Sam was never modelled yet, and goes on to be never modelled at all.


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In the files of the Prototype, Alpha, Beta, Speedrunning Event Build, the Full Game (and others), there is a unused Class file called "Hat_NPC_Detective". When you summon in with the developer console (if the class is re-enabled), it looks exactly how it looked in the early footage, being the "Hat Kid Greg" model, physics and animations.


  • Sam's concept art was revealed in Luigi Lucarelli's DeviantArt in January 2013, before the Kickstarter started for AHiT.
  • "Hat Kid Greg" isn't the only early Hat Kid model that has been found. The earliest model of Hat Kid is "hatkidnew", which is found in the Goboiano Prototype files and is dated December 8 2012.