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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Rush Hour is the final act of Nyakuza Metro. It is unlocked when the 8 previous Time pieces have been collected.

Starting the Finale[]

Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

Upon starting the level, Hat Kid is instructed to go to the vault in the Empress' Jewel shop. Here, she will find all the Time Pieces the Empress' thugs stole from her. She must pick them all up in order to proceed. However, when she leaves, the Empress will catch her red-handed and activates the alarm. Even worse, she places a one million dollar bounty on Hat Kid which makes the underlings attempt to catch Hat Kid to win the million dollar prize. Faced with this, Hat Kid flees as the Empress laughs over the intercom.

Level Summary[]

The level is essentially a fast-paced, mad dash for freedom from the Empress. However, many obstacles stand in Hat Kid's way of escaping: The Empress' goons who chase the player, the trains, and the Empress herself, who has acquired a rocket launcher. She will aim a target at Hat Kid for a few seconds, then lock it onto a specific point, which then launches a rocket. However, Hat Kid must manipulate these rockets to lock onto generators that power a force field blocking the way forward and blow up. Also, Barriers formed by cats will block off certain parts of the map, turning the Metro into a one way obstacle course that takes the player through all the stations.

Eventually, The path takes the player to the Escape Tunnels, which is exclusive to this area. After more platforming challenges, Hat Kid will arrive at an elevator - only to find the Empress is waiting for her inside. Cornered by her and her goons, Hat Kid is forced inside the elevator, leaving the Empress to kill her. However, two policemen enter the elevator just as Empress is about to finish Hat Kid, which makes her nervous to the point that she runs out of the lift at the next stop. While one of the policemen leaves a little later, the other one stays and, revealing himself as a spy working for the Empress, says he wanted to give the Empress the final Time Piece of Nyakuza Metro, but couldn't due to his partner and gives it to Hat Kid instead. Collect it to finish the level.

Diary Entry[]

After each mission Hat Kid will write about it in her diary, which can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows. The diary will only read the entry for the last act that was completed.

"Woah... that was close. That nasty cat lady almost got me!"

"But I bravely escaped completely on my own, and now ALL of the timepieces are mine. Bye-bye, Metro!"


  • If the player Returns to the Empress after completing this act, they will find her shops entrance is covered with police tape. When the player talks to her, she will comment about how Hat Kid, despite the chase, would come back to her. She would also mention the police is suspicious of her and are keeping an eye on her. She says that they won't find anything though.
  • The title card for this act is one of the only ones to feature Hat Kid in a hat that is not the Kid's Hat or one of its costumes, the others being Ship Shape and Nyakuza Metro.