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Rumbi Factory is a Time Rift in A Hat in Time, located in Chapter 7, Nyakuza Metro. The storybook One Last Journey is available within this time rift.


World Exit Cost Rift Pons Storybook Pages
1 0 - 1
2 4 5 2
3 4 5 1
4 5 6 2
5 0 - 1
6 6 7 2
7 - - 1
Total 23 10

Storybook Pages

World 1

The storybook page for this level can be found at the end, on the opposite side of the entrance for the next world. It is in the hole on the very left.

World 2

One of the storybook pages can be found inside the garage to the right. You have to crawl underneath the door to obtain it. The other one is placed behind the left wall at the very back of the level, and underneath the conveyor belt with the rift pon on it.

World 3

Storybook page situated next to a blocked off exit door on a balcony

Storybook Page for World 3

The storybook page can be found near one of the blocked off doors, on the second level. It can be reached by one of the vents.

World 4

One storybook page can be found in an office room reachable using one of the vents. The office has 3 glass windows, one of which is broken. The page is guarded by two malfunctioning robots, and is situated on top of one of the desks.

The other story book page requires the dweller mask to be used, as the boxes on the conveyor must be used to reach up high enough to obtain it.

World 5

To the right there is a vault, which leads to a storybook page. The stacks of money must be used to climb up and reach it.

World 6

One of the two pages is on the metal shelf, relative to the exit. In order to reach it, you must go on the shelf underneath it and reach it from the bottom.

World 7