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Rumbi is a minor supporting character in A Hat in Time, located in Hat Kid's Spaceship as its resident cleaner, serving as a source of an Achievement as well as a character to make the hub of the Spaceship clean and more lively.



The overall shape of Rumbi is cylindrical, having a very short height but rather large radius to compensate, being as tall as Hat Kid's legs but having a greater circumference than her head. Rumbi has a pink LED screen for a face, allowing it to convey limited facial expressions as well as blink on occasion.

On the top of Rumbi is more circles, each differing in color and texture, giving the top a look similar to a fan or subwoofer speaker, though likely the former given Rumbi's function as a vacuum.


As a vacuum bot, Rumbi is almost always on the move around the hub of the Spaceship, only stopping to perform idle animations or when being knocked back and bumping into walls. As such, it is often a non-verbal bot when doing its job as intended, though when it does encounter any form of damage it will often spit out a voice line. Most of Rumbi's lines often address its own pain, though some do regard the player if attacked.

In the Storybook Pages for One Last Journey it is shown Rumbi adores and cares for Hat Kid. It shows concern whenever Hat Kid is put in less-than-stellar circumstances, and cheers when Hat Kid returns with the Time Pieces stolen by Mustache Girl.


Though not serving much of a role in the main story of A Hat in Time, Rumbi is a simple helper and ally to Hat Kid. As the only non-intruding character to actively inhabit the Spaceship outside of the player, Rumbi's main purpose is to fill up space in the Hub. In the absence thereof, the Hub is largely a big room without much going on visually compared to the smaller rooms that spurn off of it, making the need of a character to interact with and provide some stimulation to the Hub makes Rumbi a visual importance rather than an integral one.

In terms of functionality, Rumbi does have some uses and quirks that the player can use to interact with it to its utmost potential. When hit, Rumbi will drop single Pons to the player, allowing for one of the safest ways to collect Pons in the game. However, this method is also time-consuming compared to the large chains and groups of Pons that are positioned throughout levels, making its use as a primary source of Pons highly inadvisable. Rumbi will also drop Sprint Yarn if the player has failed to acquire the one Mustache Girl gives. More so, it is to just entertain the player.

The other main facet of Rumbi's presence is the ability to ride upon it, as doing so will unlock the achievement Vacuum Vandal. Riding upon Rumbi will slow down its movement, until it emits sparks and starts to make screeching sounds instead of the soft vacuuming noise that typically accompanies Rumbi's movements. Standing upon Rumbi while it bumps into a wall will cause both it and the player to spin, causing Hat Kid to vocalize "Weee!" every time the spin occurs.


Below is the list of achievements related to this character;

Image Name Description
Vacuum Vandal Ride the Vacuum!