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Rift Tokens are a collectible you can use to get prizes in the Token Machine. These can be obtained in present boxes, chests, and in hidden places, usually found scattered around in chapters, such as: Mafia Town, Battle of the Birds, Subcon Forest, Alpine Skyline, The Arctic Cruise, and Nyakuza Metro.

Rift tokens can be used in the Token Machine, Where you can roll for collectibles such as: Hat Flairs, Music Remixes, And Dyes! Using the Token Machine requires 3 Rift Tokens.

The Token machine can be accessed by clearing out the boxes to the right of the control seat, needing the Brewing Hat to clear it.

While there are not enough Rift Tokens in the base game to get all of the rewards in the Token Machine, you can collect more tokens in the two DLC chapters. In addition, mod levels can be beaten to collect 1 Rift Token per level (Steam version exclusive).