A Hat in Time Wiki

Hat Kid examining a relic in her ship.

Relics are collectibles Hat Kid can find as she travels the planet. All Relics are pieces of a puzzle, and when put together they will open a purple Time Rift. In order to get all 40 Time Pieces, all relics must be found and completed.

Relics can be solved after collecting 5 Time Pieces and Cooking Cat boards the Spaceship.


Each Relic is a part of a puzzle, and must be put together in the correct way. To start, you will need to find one of the four podiums around the ship (six with DLC), then pay pons. Their locations are;

  • Main Hall, next to the Orb Machine. 50 pons to restore.
  • Main Hall, next to the slide. 100 pons to restore.
  • Art Gallery. 150 pons to restore.
  • Science Lab, which can be entered with the Dweller's Mask after unlocking Alpine Skyline. 200 pons to restore.
  • With the Seal the Deal DLC a new podium can be found in the Laundry Room. It costs 300 pons to restore.
  • Nyakuza Metro also adds a new podium in the storage room below the science lab. It costs 250 pons to restore.

In total there are 12 Relics (18 with DLC) to find, with three of the puzzles requiring two pieces to solve and three needing four to solve. There are total of 6 complete relics to be made.

Earthling Sitting Device
Burger Patty Burger Cushion Stage: Mafia Town
Burger Patty Burger Cushion
Research concludes that this thing is very soft to sit on. So soft, that the only logical conclusion is that these are the chairs of this planet. It is not a snack. I tried. It tastes like fabric.
Tiny Train (And Birds?)
Mountain Set Train Stage: Battle of the Birds
Mountain Set Train
This looks like a tiny version of the "Train" the "Birds" use to "Get to work". Are there tiny birds in there? Do they make tiny "Movies"? I don't have time to deal with tiny bird society!
Mockery Of Off-Planet Life
UFO Cow Sunglasses Cow Tin-foil Hat Cow Stage: Subcon Forest
UFO Cow Sunglasses Cow Tin-foil Hat Cow
What the heck! Spaceships don't look like that! Where's the wood? Why is it sucking up cows? This is insulting! I'm gonna sue!
Tri-Color Graffiti Kit
Crayon Box Red Crayon Blue Crayon Green Crayon Stage: Alpine Skyline
Crayon Box Red Crayon Blue Crayon Green Crayon
These were made for vandalism. Definitely. Even I feel compelled to take these and draw on everything. I can only conclude that this vandalism toolkit must be illegal. That makes this relic extra rare. If only the package hadn't been opened. Only a monster would open the package of a rare item.
Cake Museum
Cake Stand Cake Cake Slice Shortcake Stage: Arctic Cruise
Cake Stand Cake Cake Slice Shortcake
A fancy metal platform for displaying cakes. What kind of person would just show them off, though? They're for eating! ... I can't reach the ones on the top shelf.
Jewellery Display
Necklace Bust Necklace Stage: Nyakuza Metro
Necklace Bust Necklace
My research tells me this stuff is "expensive" and costs lots of "dollars". All this money takes up lots of space, so I think this is a way of storing it easier. Plus, it's shiny!