Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Queen Vanessa's Manor is the Act 4 of the third Chapter: Subcon Forest. Two Headless statues will try to attack the player when they reach the front door.


The Manor in-game is composed of three floors: Basement, First Floor, Second Floor, and the Attic. A fourth "Third Floor" is also present in the current version and was originally planned to had been used between the second floor and attic, but is left unused.


Basement is where the Hat Kid first enters in order to sneak into the Manor. The Dweller Mask can be used to see certain invisible marks. One of them seems to represent a human chained to a wall. A door is present in the basement, where it requires a key found in the adjacent room to go to First Floor.

First Floor

First Floor is the second area to be in. It has kitchen, living room, and parlor connected by a short hallway with many doors. The parlor links to the locked door that leads to Second floor. Queen Vanessa will go around the kitchen and the living room mainly. Hat abilities are disabled.

Second Floor

Second Floor is the third area to be in. It has child's room, master bedroom, restroom, and upward stairs to the attic.


Attic is the final area Hat Kid enters. It contains a chest with a Time Piece.

Entering the Manor

After going a long path toward the manor, the manor appears. The front door is locked, so you have to enter through the backdoor, which leads to the basement. Upon getting close to the backdoor, it will automatically swing open and the music originally playing as you walked up to the manor will suddenly turn into a large blaring, metallic screeching.

Navigating the Manor

Upon entering the back door, you are in the basement. Upon getting to a certain point, one of the Snatcher's Minions will show up and say how you are not allowed to use Hats in the manor. You are still allowed to use the abilities of the Dweller's Mask, though. From here, you enter a door on the side, which leads you to a key. This is used to unlock the door to the right of the room, which leads you to the first floor.

Manor Secret

The passage between the two barrels and behind several bottles.

Alternatively, sidling between two of the barrels in the basement and crawling into a pathway between them will advance the player directly to the Attic. This method is quick and keeps the player out of danger, but also skips out on the chest and Item it holds on the Second Floor.

First Floor

When you enter the first floor, you are in a long hallway with three doors on the sides (not including the cellar door you came out of.) After walking close enough to one of the doors, Queen Vanessa will shout from one of the rooms, questioning you being in her manor. The cellar door then shuts permanently, and Hat Kid recoils in fear. After a bit, Vanessa will come out of the door furthest down the hallway. If the player hasn't went into either of the doors on the right, Vanessa will start to chase you. If at any time Hat Kid is caught by Vanessa, she'll start holding her up by her neck and then she'll turn her into ice, resulting in a death.

Entering the room with the piano will prompt a cutscene where the locked door's key is shown to be stuck in a book on the top of the shelf. To progress, the player must open the fridge for a secondary key and unlock the lid of the piano, stomping on it and avoiding Vanessa when she enters from the resulting noise. After doing this a second time, the key is dropped and the player must evade Vanessa and collect the key to unlock the door in the parlor.

Second Floor

The Second Floor is comprised of three rooms branching off of a main hallway where Vanessa will stalk around, with the restroom to the left and the Child's and Master Bedroom to the right, with the last locked door to the left of the end of the hallway.

Progressing here is quite rudimentary, as the key requires the player to use the three balloons found in the Child's room to progressively knock down the key on top the bed's overhang. Using the first will have it pop over the candle's open flame, alerting Vanessa to your location. Hiding in the closet with the Mafia Goon, under the nearby furniture or hiding in the Child's room will keep the player safe. Another balloon will further knock the key to wobbling unbalance, but will require the third balloon to completely knock down.

Upon approach of the third balloon, it bursts and a large crashing sound is heard in the Master Bedroom. Re-entering the Bedroom will show the closet tipped over, the Mafia Goon frozen and Vanessa leaving the room without seeing Hat Kid, taking the key with her. From here, the shower will sound and the player must enter the restroom to collect the key. Upon entering the restroom, a lightning strike will have Hat Kid recoil in fear as Vanessa's silhouette becomes visible in the steam of the shower. A second lightning strike will signify Vanessa grasping for a towel as she finishes her shower, causing her to exit the shower soon after.

From here, the player can collect the key and risk being caught, or immediately exit the room and wait at the end of the hallway out of sight of Vanessa. In this post-reveal state, Vanessa will proceed to the Master Bedroom and pace between that room and the Child's room, effectively putting it off limits to the player. Collecting the key after Vanessa leaves and unlocking the last door to the Attic leads to the chest containing the Act's Time Piece.

 Diary Entry

After each mission Hat Kid will write about it in her diary, which can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows. The diary will only read the entry for the last act that was completed.

That Snatcher guy is such a jerk! Ugh! This stinks - now i need to go STEAL something "of his" from some old lady's attic?

What's an old lady doing living in this spooky forest anyway? Wait... she's going to be creepy, isn't she? Old people already creep me out...


  • The concept of this act is very similar to the 3D horror game Granny, where the goal is to escape from a house needing keys hidden around the house, but unlike in Granny, the keys are always in the same places.
  • The manor originally contained a third floor that was completely dark, and featured Snatcher disguised as a Hat Kid doppelganger. This was removed because it was deemed "not fun" by the developers.
    • According to Jenna Brown, the 2D art director, "The floor was absolutely awful puzzle wise. It required a complete redo to make it functional. We just didn't have the time to make it cohesive enough so [we] made the call to just have 2 floors".
  • Several cut characters make cameos as past victims of Vanessa's ice powers. These include:
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