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Pons are a group of the most common collectible type in A Hat in Time, as can be found in every Chapter, serving many functions depending on their color and what they contain, either as a form of currency used by the inhabitants of the planet for things like goods, to a healing item, to even a progression item for certain stages.


The defining trait of a Pon is their capsule-shaped design, with one half clear and the other tinted to that pon's dominant color, as well as having what is contained inside the pon change with the type it represents. There are several different color variations of a normal Pon, indicating its use in the game.

They are often found scattered around the various Chapters, out in the open waiting for Hat Kid to make contact with them for pick-up. They can also emerge from special objects such as vaults, chests, attackable Time Rifts at the end of purple time rifts, enemies, and most destructible objects with the Brewing Hat. All pons respawn when Hat Kid enters a chapter, making their supply infinite.

Green Pons[]

Green Pons are the most common form of all pons, being used as the game's primary source of currency to make purchases with the Badge Seller across the various Chapters, the Restaurants and the Metro Cat vendors of Nyakuza Metro. Besides being used with vendors, Hat Kid can purchase stands within the Spaceship to place and complete new Relics, or for unlocking some Acts.

In the Spaceship, there is a large counter showing the quantity of green Pons currently possessed by the player.

Heart Pons[]

Heart Pons are a more uncommon version of the pon, found frequently across the various chapters in lesser abundance than their green counterpart. They are colored pink and hold a heart inside them. They are used to replenish the health of Hat Kid after she has taken any damage, refilling a single hit for each Heart Pon collected when a hit in the counter is empty.

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They are used en masse during The Finale, where the various characters of the world attack and defeat each other to provide Hat Kid heart pons in order to continue fighting and beat Mustache Girl, where they can be revived by the fixing of their time line to their original version.

Rift Pons[]

Rift Pons are a type of pon that are exclusive to Purple Time Rifts, where they have golden hue, a crown inside, and a large radiance around the pon to help spot it from a distance.They can be collected like any normal pon, where they are tallied at the bottom of the screen separate from where they are used to get to the next level of Purple Rifts by paying the toll for the pipe from the current level. Unlike green pons, Rift Pons are lost when the player reaches the end of the Time Rift, even if they have spare.

Energy Pons[]

Energy Pons are a very rare type of pon, only found currently within the Pink Paw Manhole of Nyakuza Metro. They are blue, contain a simple lightning bolt, and have a blue stream of electricity which flows through itself to adjacent pons that is visible from quite a distance away.

In a manner similar to Rift Pons, Energy Pons are tallied at the bottom corner of the screen where they fill a progress bar. Once the player has collected the designated amount of these Pons, an event will occur, often related to opening the path towards the Time Piece or allowing access to the Time Piece itself.

Another similarity to Rift Pons is that there is often a surplus of Energy Pons than that needed to be collected, which is apparent in the second portion of the Pink Paw Manhole section. Collecting the spare Energy Pons after this point has no effect other than collecting the pon and increasing no extra tally.



  • In Dead Bird Studios, the various actions which increase the cost of Hat Kid's ticket are counted in Pons.
  • In Hat Kid's Spaceship, the Gallery has a painting depicting the green, heart and rift pons.
  • Rift Pons borrow their design from a scrapped Pon type called EXP Pons. These likely were going to be used to grant experience points to Hat Kid, unfortunately though, the Data for EXP Pons was removed some time after release.
  • In prereleases the Pons used to be Red and Blue Orbs with a white swirl in them. However, their design changed some time before the beta.

    The Old Pon Design.