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Pipe is a Time Rift found in Chapter 3, Subcon Forest. It is found on top of a sewer in the middle of the forest. The quickest way to get to Pipe is to head leftwards Upon entering the Queen Vanessa chapter.

The Level[]

As the next series of Time Rifts from the relatively challenging pair in Chapter 2, Pipe seems to downplay the difficulty one would expect. For the whole duration of the level, there are no active hazards, relatively slow-moving platforming and several checkpoints to make it very light work to players at this point in the game. The Rift requires the Hookshot Badge to be completed.

The main gimmick of the level is the introduction of platforms with red crystal rather than blue, causing it to fall very quickly after being stood upon by the player. This also has the benefit of wall climbing to not start the falling sequence, making quick saves onto a red crystal platform as beneficial as a normal blue platform.

As a threat to the player, the simple task of jumping as soon as they touch the unstable ground is simple enough to follow, especially since these platforms are often found in long stretches rather than in single blocks, allowing for a blue and stable platform to likely be near by if the player really needs to stop and assess the area.

After the series of falling blocks is a checkpoint and a series of gears that rotate upwards and downwards and connected via Hookshot Propellers. These are mostly timing-based, as the height they can climb in a short time can lead to the player falling to their doom. Since Hookshots allow you to swing endlessly, timing is much less an issue.

Coming to yet another checkpoint, the player must Hookshot in a wide curve to two slowly rotating disks, leading to a series of three Hookshot Propellers and the final checkpoint of the level. From here, more Propellers lead the player to a series of falling red platforms, ending off with the Time Piece moving from side to side in front of a Hookshot Propeller. The player can hold onto the propeller and safely swing back and forward into it from here.


  • Originally, a group of Fire Spirits were to be located in the tank where this Time Rift can be found.