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Pillow Fort is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by gaining access to Hat Kid's secret diary room in the Spaceship and entering it for the first time.


Though not particularly quick to unlock with the need to craft the Ice Hat, this achievement is simple to execute once the player has progressed far enough into the game to unlock the hat, as the Spaceship presents no hazards and the Bedroom is accessible once the player has collected 7 Time Pieces. Given how far into the game the Ice Hat can appear, the Time Piece requirement would most likely be moot.


As the main concern for obtaining the achievement is the amount of time required to unlocking the Ice Hat, it should be a good idea to explore and collect as many Yarn Balls before entering Battle of the Birds. Since Ice Yarn begins to appear from that Chapter onward, having a reserve of spare Sprint Yarn or sacrificing Brewing Yarn in favor of the Ice Hat could be a worthwhile investment given how limited the Brewing Hat can be in context of unique puzzles.

Good targets are Mafia Town and Dead Bird Studio, as they have copious amounts of Yarn in both levels, making affording to craft the Ice Hat much less of an issue.

Diary Secret Beam

The pillar of light that manifests once the player crafts the Ice Hat, located directly above the secret entryway.

Once the Yarn is processed into the Hat itself and Subcon Forest unlocked, all the player must do is use the Ice Hat's ability on top of a pillar of light that now appears in the large pile of pillows.