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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Personally, I Prefer the Air is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by doing a Homing Attack to defeat 5 consecutive enemies without touching the ground.


Given the stipulation of both having enough enemies to accomplish five homing attacks, having all of those enemies in close enough proximity to properly perform those five attacks and the prospect that a single error can easily require a return trip to the Spaceship cements this achievement to a very difficult state. Accomplishing this will require a very niche context and certainly needs specific Chapters and Acts in order to be accomplished at all.


Given their low enemy populous in favor for damaging gimmicks and stealth, virtually all of Battle of the Birds is impossible to collect this achievement. A similar case can be made for Subcon Forest, as it enemy populous of Spiders being presented in only as many as triplets in favor for environmental hazards and invulnerable Ice Statues. Such prioritization makes it a very difficult feat to locate a group of enemies to chain off.

Mafia Town has some promise with its series of Mafia Goons and Crows that tend to form large crowds ideal for long chains of Homing Attacks. Specifically, some of the balconies or areas that house two or more Mafia Goons harassing a local resident can easily lead to a good start if the remaining enemies are able to be lured to the area.

Alpine Skyline tends to have some of the most spaced out enemy placement, often in the form of Spiders and the Lazy Paw Gang that are either single or in triplets. However, unlike Subcon Forest, Alpine Skyline has two conveniently placed Spider triplets in front of the zip line leading towards the Lava Cake, making it an ideal place to obtain the achievement. In a fork in the road, two sets of triplet Spiders lead the paths that diverge from each other. This allows the player to defeat one set and continue using Homing Attacks on the other to complete the achievement


  • This achievement is a reference to Falco Lombardi, a character from the Star Fox series, who says "Personally, I prefer the air" as one of his lines in Super Smash Brothers.