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Online Party is a new gameplay mechanic added by the Nyakuza Metro DLC for A Hat in Time, which allows many players to interact and play with each other to collect points, compete for score and show off their customizations. It can also be accessed just from purchasing Vanessa's Curse (DLC).


When opening the game with Nyakuza Metro (DLC) and/or Vanessa's Curse (DLC), new options are presented to the player which allows for the enabling/disabling of online functionality, as well as a Party Name system which limits players to joining the party only if they have the same password as another user. When playing in an act of a chapter, up to four players can be present at a time, with a total of fifty people inside a party at maximum.

Unfiltered Online Functions[]

Activating online functionality will allow the player to encounter other players who are playing the same level or inside Hat Kid's Spaceship. In this state where no specific filter is applies, interactions between players is limited to basic display of dyes and relative position to the observing player.

This also has the oddity of having game instances able to be unsynchronized, where a paused player will have all the game freeze for them, but another player can continue playing normally. As a result, some in-game obstacles can appear to phase through a player when observing them, while in their perspective they successfully avoided the obstacle.

Party Name[]

Joining a party with an exclusive name allows for a fully synchronized experience when inside a level. When playing with other players in this manner, they can compete to have a high score and either work with or against other players to complete the mission.


Whether playing with Online Functionality enabled or disabled, the introduction of Communications allows players to get Hat Kid to speak out several phrases, allowing for easy communications in-game to other Party members without using external communication methods.

When the player presses the F button on the keyboard or L3 on a controller, a wheel of communication options is provided. Selecting and entering one of these options is similar to equipping a Hat, where when one can release the F key, the selected phrase will be said by Hat Kid. When a communication is used, a large white ring emits from the player who said it, allowing others to identify who and where the sound came from.

Of the twelve possible communication options, nine are default, unlocked as soon as the player plays the game and cannot be changed out for alternative communication options.

Option Voice Lines
Hi! Voice lines from Picture Perfect when Hat Kid greets groups of Moon Penguins:


"Oh hi"

"Oh hi there"

Bye! Voice lines from Picture Perfect as Hat Kid exits a vendor menu:




Thanks! "Thank You", same voice line from Hat Kid after killing the umbrella-wielding Mafia in Welcome to Mafia Town
Sorry! "Sorry" with two variations
Over Here! "Over here" with two variations

"Come on" with two variations

"This way"

Nope! "No way" with two variations



Watch Out! "Oh no, oh no"
Peck! "Peck" with two variations
Boop! "Boop", also playing the animation of Hat Kid tapping a new area's Time Piece requirement pad to unlock it.


Main Article: Stickers

Equipped stickers will increase the number of communication options, with one added for each sticker inserted into a slot, up to three extra sticker communications for twelve in total.

When used, stickers can provide voice lines which would not be accessible otherwise with the basic nine preset communication options. Some lack any voice lines when selected, while others simply use sound effects rather than actual voice lines.

Holo Stickers add a rainbow effect around the ring produced by using communications, being completely aesthetic.


Image Name Description
Life of the Party Clear an act in Online Party as the person in lead!
Party Animal Collect 10 Time Pieces in Online Party!
Party Planner Participate in an Online Party with 10 or more players!


  • While players can play together with each other, progress such as boss battles are often fought individually so that players are not carried by better players to a difficult time piece.