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One Punch is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by beating any boss battle, with the exception of Snatcher, with the 1-Hit Hero Badge equipped.


This achievement can vary between extremely hard to moderately difficult, as the choice of which Boss Fight can increase or decrease the chance of failure dramatically. Due to their relative difficulty to the contenders, Mafia Boss and Toilet of Doom are prime candidates to target in order to complete the achievement.


Mafia Boss[]

HP: 10, changes phase at 4 hits, then 2.

Since Mafia Boss is the first chronological boss fight viable for the achievement, it is often regarded as the most simple to maintain and the easiest target out of all those available. Make sure to stay far away and in the air during more melee attacks like his spin, and on the ground during less direct attacks like the sandbags.

The most dangerous attack Mafia Boss can utilize is his shock waves and bounding sparks ("ultracharge"), as their placement can mess up players and land in a single fatal hit.

The Conductor/DJ Grooves[]

HP: 29, changes phase at 5 hits, then another 5, then 4, then 10.

Although the Director battle is placed as the second Chapter's battle, it is arguably more difficult that Snatcher as a whole, as well as being a very tough contender for the achievement in question. As the highest health pool out of all the bosses as well as having equal amounts of phases to the final boss Mustache Girl, facing either Director with the One-Hit Hero badge is highly disadvantageous.

While Mustache Girl's battle has a single hit point less than this battle, her more aggressive attacks leave her significantly more vulnerable and will progresses the battle much more quickly as a result. On the other side, the Director battle is much more of a marathon, requiring multiple phases to restock the player's normal health bar and slowly increasing the difficulty until defeat. To further this theme, the Directors tend to utilize more defensive attacks like throwing fast-paced saws and forcing the player to approach the Director in a safe corner rather than out in the open like Mustache Girl's beam attacks. The parade owls that appear during the final phase can also extremely easily ruin your run, so be sure to stay well away from them. The only mercy here is the relatively easy attacks in the early fight, although they won't last.

Given the pace and high health, the battle makes a flawless run highly difficult when compared to the alternatives, making it difficult to recommend to complete the achievement.

Toilet of Doom[]

HP: 12 changes phase at 4 hits, then 2.

Though the Toilet of Doom isn't considered a Head Villain fight, it is registered as an eligible battle to earn the achievement. Due to it's lesser status but further placement in the game compared to the other candidates for the achievement, it is arguably one of the best to battle against for the achievement.

The attacks of the Toilet of Doom are simple once the player has observed them once or twice, with most of them having long periods where the player can properly orient themselves to both avoid damage and score successful hits.

Mustache Girl[]

HP: 28, changes phase at 5 hits, then 6, then 4, then 5.

As the final boss of A Hat In Time, Mustache Girl is one of, if not the least viable options to combat against with the One-Hit Hero Badge for a multitude of reasons:

  • Her fast attacks in the first phase and her ground attack can be very difficult to deter without a lot of skill or the assistance of the Time Stop Hat. It's possible to hit Mustache Girl many times in a row if she uses her roll attack directly after her Time Piece throwing attack (with a bit of luck). Unfortunately, this is a very rare situation, so it'll most likely be very tough anyway.
  • The second phase is an easy breather in comparison to the rest, as her large beam leaves her vulnerable to attack and able to be knocked down to the next phase easily. During the section where you must use the Mafia Ball, it is arguably easier than the regular phase, as you can focus mainly on dodging attacks since you don't need to directly hit Mustache Girl and get close to her attacks. However, the section where you must throw Cherry Bombs can potentially be very difficult if you're not careful. Make sure to not hold the bombs while dodging her attacks and to not be too close when throwing them.
  • Arguably the most difficult feat to pulling off the achievement is the final phase, which ramps up the speed and quantity of Mustache Girl's attacks and makes combating her flawlessly a very difficult task. For obvious reasons, the constant stream of Heart Pons doesn't help, making it a truly brutal challenge. Once again, the beam attack will leave a larger window of opportunity than most other attacks without assistance from the Time Stop Hat. As one final catch, Mustache Girl has a full 8 healthpoints during phase 3, the largest number in the entire fight (although this is somewhat made up for by the fact that she is almost always vulnerable if you can get close enough). Overall, this fight should only be attempted as a separate challenge, and could not be recommended less for getting this achievement.


  • The name is a reference to One Punch Man, an anime/manga that features a man named Saitama who can beat people with one punch.