Moonjumper Head "Are you lost too? I've been lost for as long as I can remember."

Oldster is a scared old man, who was cut from A Hat in Time. He was to appear in the act She Came From Outer Space, before being replaced by the Goofy Mafia.


Oldster appears as a tall, lanky old man, and he is mostly naked, other than a pair of underwear. He has thick, white hair, a large mustache, and a large beard, all of which cover all of his facial features, except his round nose. His body is pale, and has a few stray hairs and age spots. He can commonly be seen scratching himself, picking at his navel, or looking around nervously.


Oldster's Role seems to have been identical to that of the Goofy Mafia's in the final. He would have appeared in the act "She Came from Outer Space", and Hat Kid would have chased him. Upon reaching the final platform, Oldster was to suffer from a heart attack. At this point, Hat kid was to jump on him to revive him, although animations exist for him reviving himself. Once revived, Oldster would grant Hat Kid a Time Piece, ending the level.

Later Oldster would appear as an intruder on Hat Kid's spaceship. He would wait until you got heart attack, would sleep in the Mailroom.



  • Oldster has animations for waiting in line in the act The Finale.
  • The band on his Underwear reads "Gears For Breakfast", a reference to the development team.