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Oldster is a scared old man who was cut from A Hat in Time. He was going to appear in the act She Came From Outer Space, before being replaced by the Goofy Mafia in the final game.


Oldster appears as a tall, lanky old man with a round belly, He is completely naked except for his pair of "Gears for Breakfast" underwear. He has thick, white hair, a large mustache, and a large beard, all of which cover most of his facial features, except his round nose. His body is pale, and has a few stray hairs and age spots. In his idle stance, he can be seen scratching himself, picking at his belly button, and looking around nervously.


Oldster would have been the chase victim in the act "She Came From Outer Space," very similar to the Goofy Mafia's role in the final game. The primary difference between him and the Goofy Mafia is that, upon reaching the final platform, Oldster would suffer a heart attack and fall over, unconscious. At this point, Hat Kid was to jump on him to revive him in order to jump start his heart and revive him. An animation also exists for Oldster balling his hands together and performing CPR on himself, most likely to be used when he gets revived. Once revived, Oldster would grant Hat Kid a Time Piece, ending the level.

In later portions of the game, Oldster would appear in the Mail Room inside Hat Kid's spaceship. According to an interview from Beta64, Jonas Kaerlev stated that Oldster would be attempting to "get back" at Hat Kid by trying to give her a heart attack on her ship.

In the final game, he is a frozen victim of Queen Vanessa located in the Nursery on the second floor.


During an interview between Jonas Kaerlev and Beta64, Jonas states that Oldster was cut around a year before the game's release, with the reason behind his removal being that he did not have enough time for character development. Jonas states that Oldster was one of the biggest sacrifices that had to be made for the game, as he was one of Jonas' favorite cut characters. In the final game, both Oldster and Thor were merged into the Goofy Mafia.



  • Oldster has animations for waiting in line in the act The Finale, but it's possible that these animations are just related to a cut auction mini game in Mafia Town's black market.
  • The band on his Underwear reads "Gears For Breakfast", a reference to the development team.
  • the localization for the Goofy Mafia's lines in "She Came from Outer Space" are in a file named "oldman.int."