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Not to be confused with the chapter of the same name.

Nyakuza Metro + Online Party is the second DLC for A Hat in Time. It was released for PC on May 10, 2019, Nintendo Switch on November 21, 2019 and Playstation and Xbox on March 31, 2021

Nyakuza Metro[]

Main Article: Nyakuza Metro

The DLC adds a new chapter of the same name called Nyakuza Metro. In this chapter, Hat Kid faces off and works with The Empress, a crime boss of the metro with an eye for shiny objects and Time Pieces. With 10 new Time Pieces to collect between the large free-roam style map and a new Rumbi Factory Time Rift, Hat Kid will have a lot to deal with.

Online Party[]

Main Article: Online Party

Online Party allows for online functionality for A Hat in Time, displaying other players in areas such as The Spaceship and even within levels. For greater effect, the option to limit online availability to a group of friends allows players to play levels for a top position and unlock new achievements, with up to 50 players able to play in a single group at a time and four players to play a level alongside each other.

Alongside online functionality, players are able to communicate by pressing the F key, showing a new wheel of communication options. There are nine default communication options, alongside three customizable options gained by equipping stickers:

Camera Overhaul[]

The Camera Badge sees large-scale changes in this DLC, with the addition of a menu when right-clicking rather than enabling/disabling Depth of Field. Now the menu holds all relevant features: Field of View, Depth, Focus, Filters, having the camera orbit the player or free movement, ability to edit face emotion and poses while in freeze-frame and even able to record GIFs.


Main Article: Stickers

Stickers have many uses in the Nyakuza Metro DLC, equipped to be used for communication, decorating Hat Kid's weapon and for the Camera, able to decorate the picture with many different stickers for an added flare.


Nyakuza Metro + Online Party adds many new customization options, such as new flairs, dyes, badges, camera filters and introduced new outfits for Hat Kid to wear, most of which can be purchased from various gang vendors found within the metro. Even Stickers can be used to customize both Hat Kid's weapon, as well as add up to three communication options with varying voice lines. Alongside normal customization options, this DLC also adds in the option to change between the default Umbrella and a purchasable Baseball Bat. They are both functionally identical, being purely cosmetic.

Three new badges were introduced, a Gameboy filter, a Virtual Boy filter, and the Peace and Tranquility effect whenever the player is dancing with the umbrella or posing with the baseball bat.