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For the DLC package including Online Party, see Nyakuza Metro (DLC).

Nyakuza Metro is the second DLC and 7th chapter for A Hat in Time that places Hat Kid in the service of a crime lord known as The Empress and her jewel business.

The new area can be found in the Storage Room, which is accessed from the Science Lab in the basement after collecting 20 time pieces. It is a free roaming chapter where Hat Kid will explore the Metro to find Time Pieces, Flairs, Dyes, Costumes and several other collectables.


Nyakuza Metro is a very large level, akin to the other free-roam level Alpine Skyline, is broken up in several areas which are interconnected by a central hub with distinctions of where the player is by visual cues.

There are four major areas, three stations and one tunnel, each represented by both a color and a unique shape:

  • The Yellow Overpass Station is designated with yellow overtones and has a circle as its defining shape.
  • The Green Clean Station has many greens and uses a square as its shape.
  • The Bluefin Tunnel contains many blues and cyans, as well as having a diamond as its defining shape.
  • The Pink Paw Station has a pink triangle as its major symbol.

Each Station also contains a Manhole, a place where the player can use their Ice Hat to stomp and access a new part of the metro as a result. As such, all but the Bluefin Tunnel has a manhole, making it the only one of the four to not have two different Time Pieces.

Whatever area Hat Kid is in will be displayed in the top right of the screen, and below that will show the major collectables in that area, such as Time Pieces and Tickets that allow them to enter otherwise restricted areas.

Metro Passes[]

In order to proceed through the Metro, the player must save up Pons in order to purchase four different Metro Passes. Each Metro Pass unlocks a certain colored gate found throughout the metro, often required in order to progress to the sequential Time Piece. Metro Passes are purchased at Ticket Booths, which are found throughout the metro, selling passes for the station/tunnel they are situated in.

They are also important to the Chapter's finale, Rush Hour, where Hat Kid is chased through various parts of the metro, including requirements of various passes to progress. However, according to the developers, if you manage to make it to the finale without all the metro passes, the game will automatically grant them all to you in order to prevent a situation where the player would be unable to complete the act.[1]


Main Article: Stickers

Stickers are found throughout the metro, able to be picked up and collected for use in pictures, decorating Hat Kid's weapon and communications. By simply walking up to them, they can be either collected, or if on a wall next to a solid floor, fall down and be able to be collected from there.

Each sticker is placed in a pre-determined spot, and the player can collect them all by searching around the metro.


Main Article: Restaurants

Restaurants allow the player to exchange their Pons for consumable foods, which each heal for a single point of health. To further add to this, there are food combinations which allow the player to gain an extra hit point's worth of damage, which lasts for as long as the player does not get hit and stays in the current mission.

Each restaurant in the metro provides a limited and fixed menu of items to select from, with varying prices of each food item to boot.

Gang Sellers[]

Main Article: Metro Cats

Gang Sellers are a small group of various gang members who serve a role akin to The Badge Seller, where they exchange Pons for Badges. Unlike Badge Seller however, the variety of items is much greater, including virtually all types of customization excluding remixes for Hat Kid to purchase. They are also unique in the fact that each of the many sellers provides a fix set of items, meaning that one gang seller would provide different items from another, and will have only those items to sell until they are purchased.


Area Name Color/Shape Motif Time Pieces Has a Manhole? Sticker # Restaurant # Summary
Main Station - 1 No 6 5 The central hub of the metro. There are several shops here, including the Empress's jewelry store "Le Félin". There's also a guide center that can turn on an assist mode for the player to locate the next Time Piece.
Yellow Overpass Station Yellow, Circle 2 Yes 11 (3 from Manhole) 11 (2 from Manhole) The first area Hat Kid explores in the metro. Contains many trains to complete various platforming challenges around and above the Main Station, as well as the Yellow Metro Pass vendor.
Green Clean Station Green, Square 2 Yes 8 (4 from Manhole) 6 (5 from Manhole) Contains many Vaccuums, requiring some timing as they move around and clean the walls of the area, leading to the overhands at the highest point above the Main Station, as well as the Green Metro Pass Vendor.
Bluefin Tunnel Blue, Diamond 1 No 3 - Contains many types of standard enemies, such as Orange and Pink members of the Lazy Paw Gang, as well as rats and the Blue Metro Pass Vendor. Many trains are present, though they are more used as a hazard than for platforming underneath the Main Station.
Pink Paw Station Pink, Triangle 2 Yes 16 (2 from Manhole) 5 Contains a mixture of all other stations, with many trains to be used as platforming and hazards, alongside several platforming segments using the Hookshot. Holds the Pink Metro Pass vendor.
Escape Tunnel (Rush Hour) - 1 No 2 - Contains a similar mixture of trains, enemies and threats exclusive to Rush Hour. Ends with an elevator shaft to exit the metro to the surface, though it is never reached by the player.



  • Mad Crows
  • Lazy Paw Gang (Orange and Pink)
  • Rats
  • Meowjima


Image Name Description
Stickin' Star Collect 30 Stickers in Nyakuza Metro
Culinary Creativity Discover a secret food combination!
Nyakuza Metro - All clear! Collect all Time Pieces in Nyakuza Metro!



  • The Conductor's new movie poster is a reference to the movie poster of John Wick 2.
  • "Nyakuza" is a combination of the Japanese words nya, the sound a cat makes, and yakuza, a name for traditional organized crime gangs originating in Japan.
  • A small painting in Hat Kid's bedroom shows a cat in front of a train, possibly a reference to this chapter.
  • There are 9 Time Pieces excluding Time Rifts. This may be because of the myth that cats have nine lives.
  • A painting of the transgender pride flag can be found in the Yellow Overpass.
  • The title card for this chapter is one of the only ones to feature Hat Kid in a hat that is not the Kid's Hat or one of its costumes, the others being Ship Shape and Rush Hour.


  1. A Hat in Time Developers React to 36 Minute Speedrun - "He doesn't even need the metro pass because if you get to the finale it just auto-gives you all the metro passes." - Jonas Kaerlev (Game Director)