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No Time To Explain is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing Train Rush without dying or extending the time limit by collecting Time Bonuses scattered throughout the level.


Since Train Rush is a level dedicated to minimizing the amount of time spent within the level and to rush it as the title suggests, one would assume that completing the level without time bonuses or death would be a simple step upwards from the level's moderate difficulty.

However, due to the sheer lack of leeway in the absence of extra time and the length of the level itself, completing the achievement even with early game items like the Sprint Hat can cut the time very close before detonation of the train.


Out of all the abilities Hat Kid can wield at a time, it is advised to choose the best loadout for speeding through Train Rush.

  • The Sprint Hat is a viable choice, as its boost in speed allows for the achievement to be possible when completing tile puzzles quickly and rushing across any walking sections. Though it may alter movement techniques, the less jump heavy segments could benefit from equipping the Scooter Badge to make acceleration more smooth and make for less time overall from finishing prior jumps.
  • The Time Stop Hat is obviously the best choice for the achievement, as its ability to manipulate the timer effectively supplements the absence of Time Bonuses and can make walk speed more favorable for less adept players. Utilizing the speed of dives and recovers can further the effect of the Time Stop Hat, granting both extended time and decent speed for better time efficiency than pure great speed. Combined with the Mad Hatter Badge, and the achievement becomes significantly less threatening.

Note however that though the Time Stop Hat may be the better option, it is also an extensively late-game Hat and requires the player to have access to Alpine Skyline to even have the ability to utilize its effects.

As for maneuvering the stage itself, it is important to keep an eye out for Time Bonuses wherever possible and to avoid them. This includes the opening stretch of the level once the player enters the second room, which can catch players off guard but is not too much an issue for its early appearance.

A Time Bonus that is significantly more difficult to maneuver about is one encircled by a flaming hoop and requiring the Hookshot Badge to cross a large gap. Due to its placement, taking the hookshot will most likely collect the time bonus and fail the challenge. To circumvent this issue, doing a double jump and dive to the other platform behind the hoop is advised.