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Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

"Us kids should stick together, not stalk one another. I mean, Mafia Town can be a really dangerous place!"
—Mustache Girl

Mustache Girl is the main antagonist in A Hat in Time. Her goal is to get all of the Time Pieces before her former best friend turned enemy Hat Kid can, so she can use their power to fight "evil."



Mustache Girl, as her name would suggest, is a small girl with a mustache. She wears a red hooded cape, a rose-pink tunic with a purple sash, purple pants, and green shoes. A medallion with the shape of a star engraved into it holds her cape closed. She has tawny eyes and blonde hair, which she styles into loose pigtails with purple ribbon and turquoise beads.

Mustache Girl's red cape gives her a resemblance to Little Red Riding Hood, the titular character of a folktale of the same name.


Mustache Girl is unruly, rebellious, and snarky. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, dividing the people of the world into "good guys" and "bad guys". She has stated that she is willing to do "anything that involves messing up the Mafia", a group she has declared "bad guys". Her obsession with justice has led to her preferring to punish those who oppose her ideals instead of forgiving them, usually through death or (in the case of the Mafia Boss) having their brain transferred to a jar. It is implied that she has a fear of loneliness, when the people acquainted with Hat Kid start sacrificing themselves to give her pons during the final battle and Mustache Girl start to get fearful over the thought of being alone.


Welcome to Mafia Town[]

Mustache Girl is first seen in Mafia Town taking out a couple of Mafia goons before running away after being spotted by Hat Kid. After running through the streets, she will accuse Hat Kid of stalking her and ask if she wants to join Mustache Girl in rebelling against the Mafia. She will then ask if Hat Kid had anything to do with the time pieces falling from the sky. After Hat Kid makes it up to her tower, Mustache Girl will then direct her to where one of her Time Pieces has fallen.

Barrel Battle[]

In Act 2, Mustache Girl has been captured by Mafia goons. After Hat Kid rescues her from their clutches, the two girls become friends and agree to take down the Mafia together.

Down with the Mafia[]

In Act 4, after being saved from the Mafia goons again, Mustache Girl and Hat Kid team up to infiltrate the Mafia's headquarters. During the battle with the Mafia Boss, he reveals that he has Mustache Girl caught, and plans to kill both her and Hat Kid as soon as the fight is over.

Once the Mafia Boss is defeated, Mustache Girl becomes aware of the Time Piece's power and wishes to use them to stop the Mafia from ruining her home island. Hat Kid refuses, leading to Mustache Girl betraying Hat Kid out of anger and revealing her true goal: Destroying every "bad guy".

Heating Up Mafia Town[]

After the fallout of Hat Kid and Mustache Girl's splitting, Mafia Town suffers from a major natural disaster due to someone turning on the giant faucets and changing all of Mafia Town into a lava-flooded landscape. While the Goofy Mafia at the start questions if it was Hat Kid who did this, it becomes readily apparent that Mustache Girl was behind turning on the faucets.

Battle of the Birds[]

Though not an active participant in the story of Hat Kid, The Conductor, and DJ Grooves, her presence is given away by some subtle cameos found throughout the levels in the chapter. Notably, her writing is found in one of the rooms of Murder on the Owl Express, on a blackboard in the room with the first piece of evidence. A second writing is also found in the B3 floor of Dead Bird Studio's basement.

Time's End[]

Once Hat Kid has collected at least 25 Time Pieces, Mustache Girl will sneak into her spaceship and access her supply of them, causing the planet to undergo radical transformations as her changes to its history degrade its normally watery and vibrant colors into a lava-filled wasteland, with her newly created castle as the only thing seemingly unphased by the lava and heat.

In the finale, Mustache Girl has declared herself the leader of the world, promising to rid it of bad guys. However, she becomes corrupt and forces everyone to line up and be judged as good or bad. Hat Kid then appears and skips to the front of the line. Mustache Girl initially judges Hat Kid as good, but Hat Kid can decide to fight anyway. If Hat Kid does decide to fight Mustache Girl, it will begin the final boss battle. During the battle, Mustache Girl is labelled as a bad guy by Hat Kid's spectating supporters, who sacrifice themselves in order to give Hat Kid the Heart Pons she needs to overpower Mustache Girl and turn back time.


After Hat Kid appears on her ship with all the recovered pieces, she will check on what happened to Mustache Girl. Finding her unconscious on Mafia Island, she decides whether or not to give her a Time Piece. If the player does, it floats to the surface of the planet. If they don't, all the pity disappears from Hat Kid's face, and she tosses the piece back in the pile. There is no result from doing either, although in development it was intended for giving her a Time Piece to lead to a different ending where Hat Kid grows up, ultimately reuniting with a grown-up Mustache Girl who, having defeated the Mafia, gives Hat Kid her Time Piece back.



  • Mustache Girl was originally planned to have a second playable section in Subcon Forest. She would have had her own interaction with Snatcher too, with different dialogue.
  • Interestingly, Mustache Girl and Mafia Boss have the same style of mustache.
  • Queen Vanessa and Mustache Girl share the same voice actor: Eileen Montgomery.
  • In the Nyakuza Metro DLC, a dye option called The Justice is available for purchase, coloring Hat Kid similarly to Mustache Girl's pallet.
  • During her playable section, Mustache Girl can go up the slide to the Mail Room without the need for the Ice Hat.
    • Since the game never expects you to do this, she T-Poses when you collect the Rift Tokens (and the Time Rift's Time Piece) in there if you haven't already.
      • This also happens when she bounces on the Earthling Sitting Device.
  • If Hat Kid takes too long to hit the Mafia Boss during his Mafia Ball attack, Mustache Girl will say, "Hat Kid! Hit him already!" This is one of the only times someone refers to Hat Kid as such.