Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."
Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

"Us kids should stick together, not stalk one another. I mean, Mafia Town can be a really dangerous place!"
—Mustache Girl

Mustache Girl (məsˈtɑːʃ gɜːl) is the main antagonist in A Hat in Time, trying to get all of the Time Pieces before her former best friend turned enemy Hat Kid can, so she can use their power to fight evil.



Mustache Girl, as her name would suggest, is a small girl with a mustache. She wears a red cape with a hood and a light rose dress with light purple highlights. She bears a medallion with the shape of a star engraved into it. She has blonde hair and gold-orange eyes. She also wraps her hair with light purple bands.

Mustache girl bears a striking resemblance to the generally accepted appearance of Little Red Riding Hood, the main character of a folktale of the same name.


Mustache Girl is unruly and rebellious. She never wants to listen to anyone who tries to give her orders. She has also stated that she is willing to do "anything that involves messing up the Mafia."


Welcome to Mafia Town

Mustache Girl is first seen in Mafia Town, taking out a couple of Mafia goons before running away after being spotted by Hat Kid. A bit later after constantly running, she will accuse Hat Kid of stalking her and asks if she wants to join her in rebelling against the Mafia. She will then ask if Hat Kid had anything to do with the time pieces falling from the sky. After Hat Kid makes it up to her tower, Mustache Girl will then direct her to where one of her Time Pieces has fallen.

Barrel Battle

In Act 2, Mustache Girl has been captured by Mafia goons. After Hat Kid rescues her from their clutches, the two girls become friends and agree to take down the Mafia together.

Down with the Mafia!

In Act 4, after being saved from the Mafia goons again, Mustache Girl and Hat Kid team up to infiltrate the Mafia's headquarters. During the battle with the Mafia Boss, he reveals that he has Mustache Girl caught, and plans to kill both her and Hat Kid as soon as the fight is over. Once the Mafia Boss is defeated, Mustache Girl becomes aware of the Time Piece's power and after Hat Kid refuses to use them to take down the Mafia, the two become enemies.

Time's End

Once Hat Kid has collected at least 25 Time Pieces, Mustache Girl will sneak into her spaceship and access her supply of them, changing the planet into a lava-ridden landscape.

In the finale, Mustache Girl has declared herself the leader of the world, promising to rid it of bad guys. However, she becomes corrupted with power, and ironically, became a tyrant by forcing people to line up and be judged, innocent or not.



Betastache in game.


  • Mustache Girl was originally planned to have a second playable section in Subcon Forest. This was likely removed because of time constraints.
  • Mustache Girl originally lived on an island about a kilometer off the coast of Mafia Town, where she plotted the downfall of the Mafia.
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  • Interestingly, Mustache Girl and Mafia Boss have the same style of mustache.
  • Queen Vanessa and Mustache Girl share the same voice actor: Eileen Montgomery
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  • Why she has a moustache is unknown, since female entities usually lack moustaches.