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Moonjumper Head "Are you lost too? I've been lost for as long as I can remember."

The Music Room is a debug area, meant for testing, and is only reachable through the console command line. This level was only present in Alpha builds of the game, and is unavailable in the final.

The level consists of a single blue-white checkered square plane, with two buttons, a cloud platform and a Time Piece.

There are also 8 badge parts, 4 for Owl's Brew Badge and Electro Badge respectively, as well as a Mafia Tie and a Vault Code piece.

The Time Piece does not count towards your total amount of collected Time Pieces.

One of the two buttons trigger Vanessa's Manor's music and the other triggers a close up of the Time Piece along with the "Time Piece Appears" jingle.



  • This level varies between builds. The final update to the Alpha included a cloud platform in this room, while earlier versions did not.
  • The general look of this level is incredibly similar to the blank level template included with the Modding Tools.