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"Life on the moon is never boring with these guys! A+ troublemakers."
—Manual Description

The Moon Penguins are are a group of anthropomorphic penguins who help DJ Grooves with his movies. They possess abilities that are unusual for penguins, including being able to hover for short periods of time, and being able to snap, despite not having any fingers.



Moon Penguins, while not having as many speaking roles as Express Owls, can still be encountered in a few areas acting as a friendly, non-hostile NPC. Usually, they will say something about, or related to DJ Grooves.


While Hat Kid is sneaking around Dead Bird Studio, she needs to be careful to avoid both Express Owls and Moon Penguins in a stealth sequence. If she's seen by one for too much time, Hat Kid will take one damage, and be placed back at the last checkpoint encountered.

In the Act Picture Perfect, several Moon Penguins can be found driving around in cars while talking on cell phones. They will not stop for Hat Kid, and if she stands in the way, she'll take damage.

In the Act The Big Parade, the streets are filled with a giant crowd of Moon Penguins. These Moon Penguins will act as lava, damaging Hat Kid if she touches them, and bouncing her up a ways.


In the Act Picture Perfect, Hat Kid must find Moon Penguins to boost her number of fans. Some will take her photo, others are a small group of reporters.

In the Act The Big Parade, several Moon Penguins will drop collectibles for Hat Kid, both Health Pons and tokens shaped like DJ Grooves.


  • Originally there was one penguin in Mafia Town voiced by Jon Jafari aka JonTron.