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Moonjumper Head "Are you lost too? I've been lost for as long as I can remember."

"I am the Moonjumper, oh yes, indeed! I live and breathe for this horizon,
it's my home!
—The Moonjumper

The Moonjumper (also known as The Moon Jumper) is a mysterious puppeteer and one of the main antagonists of Chapter 3 that was scrapped from the final game. He, with Queen Vanessa and the Snatcher, compete for the ownership of the Subcon Forest.

The Snatcher claims that the Moon Jumper used to live in Vanessa's manor.

The Moon Jumper bears a striking resemblance to Vanessa's Prince, having an identical jacket and chains around his wrists likely from his imprisonment beneath Vanessa's Manor.

The Moon jumper is not implemented into the game, although his graphic and his 2D model does appear in the game's files.

Early developer commentary claims that Moonjumper was 'stuck in the horizon', likening it to a prison that he is unable to leave, and that throughout the original level of Subcon Forest, he would attempt to get Hat Kid to join him in the horizon.


The Moonjumper remained as part of the story up through the Beta Build. He was removed at some point in time during the Beta period of development. It is unknown when specifically the Moonjumper was removed from the game, as developers have stated that he was removed from the story prior to the Beta, but some evidence implies that his existence as a character continued during beta development.

According to Jonas Kærlev, the lead developer, "Basically early on while writing A Hat in Time, I wanted to introduce a lot of characters. So I wrote a lot of characters. When I grew as a writer & game dev, I found it better suited to focus on few characters and evolve them through gameplay. That's why the main characters often interact with you via gameplay (movie scores, contracts, etc). When Snatcher became the main character of Subcon, there wasn't space for any subplots, and so Moonjumper was [removed]".

References in the game[]

-In the attic of Queen Vanessa's Manor, a giant mural of Moon Jumper can be seen.

-The song that plays while in the Badge Seller menu was originally planned for Moonjumper. When moved to the Badge Seller, the second half of the song was edited as well as beat overlays and instrument changes.

-The Moon Jumper's tower is still in Subcon Forest.

-The Prince's painting and Dweller's Mask silhouette still retain Moon Jumper's clothes, as opposed to the new ones he was given in The Tale of Queen Vanessa.

-On the cut third floor of Queen Vanessa's Manor, there is a painting on the wall behind some furniture depicting Moonjumper and a drawing of the full moon with a face and a crown, seemingly referencing some form of transformation.



  • Developers have confirmed that Moonjumper was the original Prince; a role later taken by Snatcher.
  • A recurring motif in Moonjumper's concept art is the use of puppet strings, showing Moonjumper as a manipulator of events. This too was rolled into Snatcher's design, as shown in the loading screen art for Seal the Deal (Challenge).
  • Animatics and Comics by Shane Frost have been made for information about original plans for the lore, insinuating that Moonjumper would have been the major antagonist, and Vanessa and Snatcher would have been side characters. Not all info contained in these Animatics made it into the Beta Version, though, such as the Grass Stomper.