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Mods (short for modifications) are modifications for the PC version of A Hat in Time. For example: one mod might give Hat Kid a new Hat or customization colors. They can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop and Nexus Mods. Mods are usually split into these main categories and their corresponding sub-categories:

Popular Mods[]

Image Name           Download   Type Description                                                                                    
Cappy's Cap Download Hat The Cappy's Cap is a hat that allows Hat Kid to control enemies and also use it as a platform. I think it's copyrighted by Birdtendo, so don't go around infringing copyright.
Dab Mod Download Animation Uh.. this mod, hmm. It replaces one of the taunt animations with a.. dab. Sad thing is, this mod was made by a developer. It's banned in some countries, fortunately.
Banjo brief
Banjo Briefs Download Costume This mod grants Hat Kid the costume of a life time, I mean who wouldn't want to be a dead franchise. You can also pick up Express Owls and put em in your backpack (you can't).
Astronaut's Essentials Download Hat A dream long waited by small children all over the globe, now you get to taunt them with this hat as you defy gravity with cheats, just don't go breaking the game with this hat.
Beta hero challenge
Beta Hero Challenge Download Map Jump, jump and jump, this challenge is about (you guessed it) jumping from platform to plaftorm. This map is based of a secret Beta Challenge where (you guessed it again) jump.
Conductor's Disguise Download Hat Slay the game with your rubber knife game, show those peck necks who's boss or train conductor. DJ Peck Neck doesn't have anything on two Conductors, twice the peck is twice the hecking cool!
Costume Select Download Cosmetic Want to have some sunglasses? Want to be a marching diva? Well you can with a little scroll through the mods. It's simple really. Just don't break acts where the item appears.
Vineshroom Cap Download Hat Do you want to finna-BOING like the jabroni that a Vinesauce fan is? Are you the type who watches twitch streams about a man who does funny accents? Well this is the hat for you. (Comes with corruption badge)
Whomp Fortress Download Map Ah, the olden days of Mario 64 when there was this old fortress and tiny Mafia men? Woah this fort looks totally redesigned and rad now. We've got all these nice shindigs to do.
Ace Magician
Ace Magician Dye Download Dye Hmmm, this dye reminds me of another top hat wielding character but I can't put my finger on it. Oh well, I'll just get back to my court case.


Below is a list of achievements related to Mods.

Image Name Description
Challenge Road Clear a Challenge Road!
Community Contributor Rate a Steam Workshop level
The Community Thanks You Collect 30 Mod Rift Tokens from Steam Workshop levels
Unlimited Possibilities Play a mod from the Steam Workshop