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Missions is a term in A Hat in Time that includes all of the individual Acts and Time Rifts within the game. Listed alongside each is any content or motif that is unique to the mission itself and any mandatory tasks for its completion.

Chapter 1: Mafia Town[]

Act 1: Welcome to Mafia Town
Mafia Town
Goal: Follow Mustache Girl.
Find the fountain with the first Time Piece.
Act Exclusive Content: Mustache Girl Pursuit.
Umbrella-wielding Mafia Goon.
Act 2: Barrel Battle
Goal: Rescue Mustache Girl.
Defeat the barrel-wielding Mafia Goons.
Act Exclusive Content: Barrel-Wielding Mafia Goons.
Act 3: She Came from Outerspace
Goal: Reclaim the Time Piece from the Goofy Mafia.
Act Exclusive Content: Mud Puddles.
Scaring Mafia Goons whilst covered in mud.
Goofy Mafia chase.
Act 4: Down with the Mafia!
Goal: Infiltrate Mafia HQ.
Defeat Mafia Boss and reclaim the Time Piece.
Act Exclusive Content: Mafia Headquarters.
Mafia Boss battle.
Act 5: Cheating the Race
Goal: Race against Rocket Mafia for a Time Piece.
Act Exclusive Content: Rocket Mafia.
Race outline.
Act 6: Heating up Mafia Town
Goal: Turn off all the Lava Faucets to save Mafia Town.
Act Exclusive Content: Deactivate Lava Faucets.
Water and much land is covered in a lava hazard.
Act 7: The Golden Vault
Goal: Scavenge Mafia Town for Tickets to unlock the Golden Vault.
Act Exclusive Content: Golden Vault and Tickets

Chapter 2: Battle of the Birds[]

Act 1: Dead Bird Studios
Goal: Sneak through the Studio to reclaim the Time Pieces.
Act Exclusive Content: Property Damage bill.
Profile Picture change.
Act 2: Murder on the Owl Express
Goal: Travel through the Owl Express without being caught.
Collect evidence and deduce whom is the murderer.
Act Exclusive Content: Evidence collectable.
Act 3: Picture Perfect
Goal: Gain a reputation as a Diva and grow a following.
Act Exclusive Content: Photo-taking and interactive groups of Moon Penguins.
Endorsement events with DJ Grooves.
Act 4: Train Rush
Goal: Beat the self-destruct sequence and save the train.
Act Exclusive Content: Self-destruct Timer and Time Bonus collectables.
Act 5: The Big Parade
Goal: Lead a band of Musician Owls.
Help monitor and activate Parade tech.
Act Exclusive Content: Collectables on a Timer system.
Activation of Parade tech.
Act 6: Award Ceremony
Conductor Fight
DJ Fight
Goal: Go into Dead Bird Studio's Basement.
Defeat whomever rigged the Annual Bird Movie Awards.
Act Exclusive Content: Director Boss battle.

Chapter 3: Subcon Forest[]

Act 1: Contractual Obligations
The snatcher
Goal: Complete the first Contract by defeating the Fire Spirits in Subcon Village.
Act Exclusive Content: Capture of Hat Kid by net.
Act 2: The Subcon Well
Goal: Enter the Subcon Well and uncork its water supply for the Village.
Act Exclusive Content: Collection of the Hookshot Badge.
Act 3: Toilet of Doom
Goal: Take out the Toilet of Doom and restore peace in the Village.
Act Exclusive Content: Toilet of Doom boss battle.
Hookshot Propellers over the chasm between the Village and Toilet of Doom arena.
Act 4: Queen Vanessa's Manor
Goal: Enter Queen Vanessa's Manor.
Get to the attic and reclaim a Time Piece.
Act Exclusive Content: Queen Vanessa and props to hide underneath to avoid her.
Restriction of Hats.
Act 5: Mail Delivery Service
Goal: Travel around Subcon Forest and deliver packages to Snatcher's Minions.
Act Exclusive Content: Snatcher next to the Punch Station wearing a blue mailman's cap.
The Subcon variant of the Scooter Badge.
Extraneous and speechless iterations of Snatcher's Minions.
Act 6: Your Contract has Expired
Mission 3-6
Goal: Defeat Snatcher and reclaim your soul.
Act Exclusive Content: Snatcher Boss battle.

Chapter 4: Alpine Skyline[]

Free Roam!
Alpine Skyline
Goal: Alpine Skyline is unique from every other level because it has no true Acts. Instead, it's an open world level where Hat Kid must organically find the 5 Time Pieces scattered around the map.

In the place of Acts are Mountain Peaks that serve as waypoints once approached for the first time.

In order to travel around Alpine Skyline, Hat Kid must have the Hookshot Badge.

Time Piece Locations Color Motif Description
The Lava Cake Red The Lava Cake itself is smothered in lava, focused on submerging and reemerging platforms.
The Birdhouse Yellow The Birdhouse is home to many different Bird enemies such as Crows and Shrombs.
The Twilight Bell Green The Twilight Bell transports the player to a dark and mystical realm with many Dweller platforms, bells and corrupting Dwellers.
The Old Windmill Blue The Old Windmill is a large vertical structure with basic platforming elements found throughout.
The Illness has Spread Purple Unlocked after completing all the other Peaks, unlocks and inhibits certain pathways to lead the player to defeat the several large flowering plant bulbs to cure the illness.

Chapter 5: Time's End[]

Act 1: The Finale
Time's End
Goal: Correct the timeline and defeat Mustache Girl.
Act Exclusive Content: Mustache Girl Boss battle.

Chapter 6: The Arctic Cruise[]

Act 1: Bon Voyage!
Bon Voyage Titlecard
Goal: Find a way onto the ship.
Explore to find pieces of the Time Piece.
Act Exclusive Content: Shock Squids.
Captain messages.
Act 2: Ship Shape
Ship Shape
Goal: Complete tasks around the ship without angering the captain.
Act Exclusive Content: Task Mechanic.
Act 3: Rock the Boat
Rock the Boat
Goal: Rescue everyone from the ship.
Save the Captain within a time limit.
Act Exclusive Content: NPC's that you can pick up.

Chapter 7: Nyakuza Metro[]

Free Roam!
Nyakuza Metro Titlecard-0
Rush Hour Titlecard Temp
Goal: Nyakuza Metro is similar to Alpine Skyline in the fact that there are no set missions, but instead, the player can free roam throughout the stage. The replacement for peaks is stations and manholes, which both have special ways of gaining Time Pieces.
Time Piece Locations: Color Motif: Description:
Main Station None This is the central hub of the Metro, where the Empress' jewelry shop/base of operations is located. Many food carts and Nyakuza members can be found here among the endless army of cat passengers.
Yellow Overpass Station Neon Yellow Yellow Overpass Station is an open and spacious area that also encompasses the area above the Main Station.
Green Clean Station Neon Green Green Clean Station is a smaller, more calming area with lots of cat vacuums and a sushi restaurant where the Time Piece is.
Bluefin Tunnel Neon Blue The only non-station area of the chapter, as well as the only area without a manhole, this chapter links it's rooms together with narrow tunnels and many train-jumping areas.
Pink Paw Station Neon Pink This area is located over a massive pit, so staying on the trains and having the Hookshot badge is key.
Yellow Overpass Manhole Neon Yellow The first manhole area is located under Yellow Overpass Stations. There are many food stores and dining areas here.
Green Clean Manhole Neon Green This region of the Metro is filled with cat vacuums and food stalls, plus a Time Piece in a shady-looking place above a store.
Pink Paw Manhole Neon Pink This area is special, as it has you jumping trains to collect Power Pons in order to gain your Time Piece. Be careful not to fall!
Rush Hour Neon Blue Hat Kid steals back her Time Pieces from the Empress, but has a million-dollar bounty on her head now! Help her escape the Metro, the Nyakuza, and the Empress before it's too late! The Escape Tunnels are only accessible here.

Creator DLC[]

Vanessa's Curse (DLC)
AHIT VQ Titlecard
Goal: There is no set mission, but the player can play the mode to get crowns and souls to exchange for new customizations.
Act Exclusive Content: The online multiplayer Vanessa's Curse (DLC) game mode.

Time Rifts[]

Blue Time Rifts
Dream World
Goal: Proceed through the Rift and reach the Time Piece at the end.
Act Exclusive Content: -
Purple Time Rifts
Time Rift Purple
Goal: Collect rift Pons and find Storybook Pages.
Act Exclusive Content: -