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Minimum Shippable is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by clearing Ship Shape without Upsetting the captain during the mission.


Ship Shape is a level that has you running around the entire ship trying to get items and then move them to various places on the ship. If a job expires from not being done in time the captain will become more upset. In doing this achievement you will want to not miss a single job so that you keep The Captain happy.

Specifically, this achievement requires the player to maintain The Captain's anger meter blue for the entire mission, which means keeping the meter below 3 notches until you have done all of the required tasks. 3.3% of players own this achievement, making it a rare one.


At this point in the game you should have that you have a lot of hats as they all have their upsides here.

  • Hat Kid's Sprint Hat can be very helpful here as moving quickly throughout the boat is important to not miss any jobs.
  • The Time Stop Hat slows down how quickly The Captain gets upset and how quickly tasks expire; combine this with the Fast Hatter badge to save a lot of precious time!
  • Near the area where in act one there was an injured seal on the side of the ship, you can find an ice pad hanging of the edge. Using the Ice Hat on the pad will take you to the pool area in a flash. This ice pad is near the rightmost door leading outside in The Captain's room facing him, and the leftmost exit at the bottom of the garden room. Knowing how to get to this pad when you need to is key to saving time for this achievement.
  • Hovering over the pool are some seal grapple points that you can use to get up higher when inside the pool, which is a good way to get to the top of the garden room when combined with the aforementioned ice pad.
  • The garden room (which is is the tallest room on the ship) can be used to get to the casino in a short amount of time, the door to which is located at the bottom of the room, which connects to the main lobby.
  • The best way to know where the rooms are is to take some time before you start the mission to go explore the ship and find every path that you can take to go everywhere. It will make it a lot easier when it come to getting from place to place later on.
    • Practice the mission itself and memorize which endpoint markers represent which rooms of the ship and know where jobs starting in those areas must be delivered to. The markers have a different image and color for each room.
  • If you start all the available tasks at the moment, The Captain's anger meter stops moving until new ones are available, so keep this in mind under a crunch.
    • However, prioritize finishing tasks over starting new ones to reduce backlog.