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Meowjima is a secret miniboss that can be encountered in A Hat in Time's Nyakuza Metro DLC. He can be found by jumping on a spring near the Snatcher Coin in Green Clean Station and then inspecting the manhole the player jumps out of.

Physical Appearance[]

Meojima has a very similar appearance to the rest of the Metro Cats. However, he wears a black eye patch over his left eye, which has a mouse cat toy emblem depicted on it.


Meowjima does not relate to the rest of Nyakuza Metro's story, and doesn't reward the player with any special item. Once the manhole is inspected, Meowjima will pop in and the fight will start after some dialogue.

In the fight, Meowjima pounces around a lot and attempts to scratch the player. He does not seem to have any other attacks than this.

After Meowjima is defeated, he explodes like when any other enemy is defeated, without any dialogue. If the player uses their Ice Hat to go down the manhole, they will be sent back to the Main Station.



  • When the manhole is inspected, the text "Huh, there's something written on this manhole" is missing a period at the end.
  • Meowjima is a reference to the character Goro Majima from the Yakuza franchise. Particularly, his appearance in the original game's remake, Yakuza Kiwami.
    • His appearance in a manhole is a reference to Kiwami's "Majima Everywhere" side quest, where Majima helps series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu reawaken his lost fighting style. This is mainly done through disguised ambushes, hiding in spots such as sewers and a giant traffic cone, or luring Kiryu into other situations where he'll have to fight. Likewise, Meowjima claims to want Hat Kid to "awaken her fighting spirit."
    • The manhole cover where Meowjima is hiding has a note on it that reads, "Kiwami means "extreme."" This itself is a reference to Kiwami's title.
    • Meowjima's opening cry, "HAT KID-CHAAAAN," is a reference to Majima's catchphrase nickname for Kiryu.
    • He has 13 hit points, having one of if not the most amount of hit points of any enemy.