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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Mail Delivery Service is Act 5 of the third Chapter: Subcon Forest. This act is avalible right after completing Act 1, depending on what contract Hat Kid signs.


Hat Kid is tasked by the Snatcher to make mail deliveries to his minions and provides her with a new hat that can summon a scooter to help her. Once this task is done, she will get the Time Piece.

Diary Entry[]

After each act Hat Kid will write in her diary about the last mission. The diary can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows.

"I don’t get it? He seems super creepy and menacing but he wanted me to deliver mail?

"I have a really bad feeling about this, but he won’t give up his Time Pieces unless I do his weird contracts…"


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