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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Mafia of Cooks is the one of the Time Rift found at the beach of Mafia Town. It is unlocked after making the Burger Relic.


World Exit Cost Rift Pons Storybook Pages
1 0 - 1
2 3 4 1
3 4 5 2
4 0 - 1
5 5 5 -
6 5 5 1
7 - - -
Total 19 6


First World[]

Rift Pons:: 0
Storybook Pages: 1
Exit Cost: 0
The first world is pretty simple. When the level starts there will be a friendly Mafia Goon right in front of Hat Kid. He will explain that you need Rift Pons to get to each new world, but you'll start from the beginning if you die. Before entering the tube, climb the tower next to the Mafia on your left. On the top of it behind the pile of chum is the first storybook page. Once you get it, enter the pipe to head into the next world

Second World[]

Rift Pons: 4
Storybook Pages: 1
Exit Cost: 3

The second world is also pretty simple. The is a Rift Pon right behind Hat Kid when she enters. Grab it, and get the next one at the end of the dock. After that there is a rift pon on top of a building near the exit. Climb up and get it. On the side of the building is the next Storybook page. Make sure to grab it before you go!

Now you have all the rift pons you need to enter the next world. However, there is a fourth one you can get if you want. It's to the left of where Hat Kid started. Just jump over the holes to reach it. Leave the world when you're ready

Third World[]

Rift Pons: 5
Storybook Pages: 2
Exit Cost: 4

The first 2 Rift Pons are being held by 2 Mafia Goons. Take them out to get it, but watch out for the third one. Next jump up on the small building next to the giant meat and get Rift Pon 7. From there you you can jump up to a balloon to get Rift Pon 8. If you look to your right next to the shipping containers, you'll be able to see Storybook page 3 on the ground. Drop down to get it, and head for the exit but don't go in yet.

Climb to the top of the building next to the exit to get Rift Pon 9. Look over behind the building and you should see Storybook page 4. You can either fall down to get it or wall jump from the ground. Once you're ready, exit this world.

Fourth World[]

Rift Pons: 0
Storybook Pages: 1
Exit Cost: 0
Like the first world, this one has a the exit right in front of Hat Kid with a friendly Mafia Goon who gives Hat Kid some advice. Before you leave this world, make sure to get the Storybook Page! It's to the left of Hat Kid when she enters the world at the very top of the ship. You can use the nearby umbrella to reach it

Fifth World[]

Rift Pons: 5
Storybook Pages: 0
Exit Cost: 5

No storybook pages in this area, so you only need to get Rift Pons. Pons 10, 11 and 12 are easy to get; just run up and get 10 and 12, and use the nearby spring to jump up to pon 11. However, pons 13 and 14 are following behind 2 of the meat rolling Mafia. You may want to use the sprint hat to sneak up behind them and take their pons. If you get hit, all the Mafia will stop moving for a few seconds.

Once you're ready to leave, jump on the spring next to the palm tree with the tightrope. Walk across it to the next island which has the exit on it.

Sixth World[]

Rift Pons: 5
Storybook Pages: 1
Exit Cost: 5

This is the last world before getting the time piece. This area is made up of four small square sections; Hat Kid stats on the Sand Section, along with a patio, roof and grass section. The only enemies here are Mafia Goons who throw cans, so watch out for them.

Ignore the rift pon right in front of you and head over to the grass section. Defeat the Mafia and use the balloons to jump up to get rift pon 15. Like before, beat the Roof Mafia and use the balloons to get Pon 16, then head down and get pons 17 and 18. Defeat the last 2 Mafia on the patio area and get the last Rift Pon.

Head for the exit but don't go in yet. Below the bridge the exit is on is the last Storybook Page! Make sure you don't leave without it.

Seventh World[]

Rift Pons: 0
Storybook Pages: 0
Time Pieces: 1

Once you enter this area, you'll see a bird's nest that has the same sphere you entered to get in here. Equip the Magnet Badge if you have it. Hit the sphere, and each time you do some green pons will come out. After htiting it about 4 times, the sphere will explode, dropping several green pons and the Time Piece.

If you collected all the Storybook pages, you will see a small set of photos and a free spin at the Rift Machine. You cannot get this free spin if you already got the Time Piece.

StD Rift Collapse[]

With the Seal the Deal DLC, Hat Kid can attempt the Death Wish challenge Rift Collapse: Mafia of Cooks. While structurally the same, the locations of the Rift Pons have changed, and Hat Kid is under a time limit and must beat the rift before that limit is up.


The music that plays here is Mafia of Cooks Time Rift. It is the 68th track on the A Hat in Time Soundtrack