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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Mafia Town - All Clear! is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing Mafia Town completely, by collecting all the Time Pieces in both the Acts and Time Rifts.


Given Mafia Town is the first Chapter of A Hat in Time, alongside one of the chapters that is most mandatory for completion compared to other Chapters, makes obtaining the achievement congruent with its overall difficulty. The first four Acts are especially mandatory, as they provide the first four Time Pieces to unlock the Battle of the Birds for more room to unlocking more Time Pieces, as well as progressing the main storyline of the game as a whole, making their completion basically inevitable.

All of this aside, the remaining Acts and Time Rifts are all mostly as easy as the rest of the Chapter, surrounding basic gimmicks with plenty of heart Pons naturally found throughout the level makes the latter two Acts basic in nature.

What shoots the difficulty up a few notches is Act 5: Cheating the Race. This act is quite the merciless difficulty spike to the Acts surrounding it, requiring an exceptionally high grasp to Hat Kid's movements and the layout of Mafia Town to even have a chance to completing the Act itself, as failure results in an instant death and a restart.

The way expected by the player to complete the mission is by crafting and utilizing the Time Stop Hat for the whole of the race, likely with the Fast Hatter Badge to minimize cooldown of the effect and making victory all the more likely. The underlying issue however is that the Time Stop Hat has Yarn that only appears in Alpine Skyline, making it the only Act to ask for it for completion and requiring the player to progress excessively far into the game just to backtrack and complete a single Act.


Given the general ease of other Acts outside Act 5, prioritization of those and leaving the Act until the very end of the game is the easiest method to completion overall. From here, the player will likely be more adept in movement on top of having the required Hat and Badges for completion of the act, making the need for backtracking much more likely to end in victory.