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Mafia Town is both the first chapter and first location visited in A Hat In Time. The city was taken over by the Mafia and converted into a host for their Seafood Restaurant. Dominating the mafia skyline is the Mafia's Headquarters, built on the giant geyser in the center of the island.


"Mafia not remember what happened to old island people. Only thing Mafia remember is they make good cannon balls for town cannons."
Mafia Goon

Not much is known about Mafia Town, other than it used to be a regular island before the Mafia of Cooks settled in. The only known characters who inhabited the location back then are the Coffee Clerk and Mustache Girl.

No one seems to remember how the town was before the Mafia came, evidenced by talking to a Mafia Goon near the main plaza who claims to have been there for a thousand years. It is possible this dialogue was simply carried over from the original script, where the Mafia Boss also claimed to have not seen a Time Piece in over a hundred years.

In addition to having a different name, Mafia Town used to look very different. Once the Mafia of Cooks arrived, however, they fired the old inhabitants out with cannons and made several changes to the place.



Top view of Mafia Town. The aloft mafia restaurant is not visible.

Mafia Town is divided into 4 quarter areas, each separated by a water stream. The Eastern quarter area houses the town port, the North-West area has a small beach and the South-West area contains the main plaza.

Main Plaza[]

The main plaza is the place where Hat Kid discovers her trusty umbrella after crash-landing in Mafia Town. Three shops are found here, these shops being the "Juice Bar?", "Spicy Burn" and "Bloomin' Idiots".


The beach features a variable shift in music to a more coastal version of Mafia Town's main theme. In the alpha build, it was also the home of a Time Piece, won by completing the Balloon Race in Mafia Town act. There's also an entrance to the cave under Mafia Town, but it's blocked by two mafia guards.


The location of Seaside Spaghetti, and the lighthouse. The black market can also be found here, although the entrance is blocked by the mafia. Most Mafia Goons in this area wear sailor hats.


In the center of the island, under the ground, a large cavern surrounds the island's geyser. There are four entrances to the cavern, guarded by goons on the boss's orders. Three of these entrances are on brick roads, and one can be found on the beach. Three of the entrances, including the beach one, have cannons that will shoot tourists through the central cave to the other side of the island. The cavern has some luminescent crystals, some mine cart tracks, and of course the geyser spout.

Mafia Headquarters[]

The Mafia HQ is where the leader of the Mafia holds residence, and is built on top of the jet of a continuously spewing giant geyser. How they managed to do this is a trade secret. The only two ways to get there are by cannon or hot air balloon, the latter of which is exclusive to Mafia members. Upon arrival, two buttons must be pressed simultaneously to open the door.

The main doors open into a restaurant, which is full of roulette tables and slot machines. The slot machines take gems, but they do not work. The Mafia who hang out in this area are very exclusive, and don't take kindly to intruders.

On the side opposite the entrance, there is a bar, and behind that is the kitchen where the Mafia cooks their food. But unbeknownst to them, Cooking Cat lives in the rafters, where she prepares real food and switches it with the Mafia-prepared garbage, which she is pretty sure would poison anyone who actually ate it.

Next to the bar, the entrance to the theater is guarded by a goon, ready to deny entrance to anyone not of the Mafia. This is also where the Mafia boss makes his home. Here, he personally makes an example of the worst of troublemakers in front of a live audience, in what he calls "true Mafia style."


Each chapter in A Hat in Time works differently from all the others. For Mafia Town all of the acts are unlocked in linear progression, with different events happening depending on which act is selected. However the map is an open world, allowing for exploration in each act.

Image Episode Name Summary Map
Mafia Town Act 1:
Welcome to Mafia Town
Follow the Mustached girl to find your first Time Piece. Day
Mission1-2 Act 2:
Barrel Battle
Rescue Mustache Girl from the Mafia! Day
Misson1-3 Act 3:
She Came from Outerspace
Scare the Mafia with the bow-tie to get your Time Piece back. Night
Mission1-4 Act 4:
Down with the Mafia!
Dethrone the Mafia Boss. Night
Mission1-5 Act 5:
Cheating the Race
Find a sneaky way to win the race. Day
Misson1-6 Act 6:
Heating Up Mafia Town
Turn off all the faucets spewing lava all over Mafia Town. Lava
Mission1-7 Act 7:
The Golden Vault
Find the vault codes to unlock the Golden Vault. Day

Time Rift Locations[]

Image Act Location Appears
MafiaBlueRift1 Any In a pipe near one of the waterways. Use a balloon to reach it. After completing "Down with the Mafia!"
MafiaBlueRift2 Any In the cave at the far end of the Mafia Bazaar. After completing "Heating Up Mafia Town"
MafiaPurpleRift1 Any On the Mafia Town beach. After completing the "Earthling Sitting Device"




Because Mafia Town is an open world map, the collectables around Mafia Town will be listed in order from yarn, to camera badge, to relics, to rift tokens. The collectables in the Mafia HQ, however, can (mostly) only be obtained during Act 4, so they will be listed in order of availability.

Check here for a list of all collectables.

Note: There are 12 Relics in the game, and when all of them have been collected, all other treasures listed as "Relic" will give a Rift Token instead.

Around Mafia Town

Item NO. Image Details
Sprint Yarn #1 Loc Mafia Sprint 01 Inside the Red Vault near the beginning of Act 1.
Sprint Yarn #2 Loc Mafia Sprint 02 On top of some invisible boxes. It's easiest to reach with the Dweller's Mask, but it can be reached by making a long dive cancel jump from some nearby palm trees.
Sprint Yarn #3 Loc Mafia Sprint 03 Near the red vault is a house with a large hole in it. Next to it is a chest that has the yarn inside.
Sprint Yarn #4 Loc Mafia Sprint 04 Defeat the Mafia beating up the Coffee Clerk and in thanks he will give you some Sprint Yarn. (only avalible during the day.)
Sprint Yarn #5 Loc Mafia Sprint 05

Use the Brewing Hat to blow up the small box next to the Badge Seller's first location

Sprint Yarn #6 Loc Mafia Sprint 06 On the building with the yellow sphere top there is a balcony on the side that has a chest with sprint yarn inside.
Sprint Yarn #7 Loc Mafia Sprint 07 Beneath some scaffolding on the building that the Mafia with the time piece has in Act 3. It's boarded up, so you'll need to do a tricky jump to reach it.
Sprint Yarn #8 Loc Mafia Sprint 08 On some scaffolding on the building that the Creative Mafia with the time piece has in Act 3.
Sprint Yarn #9 Loc Mafia Sprint 09 There are four wooden boxes set up near the blue vault. Under them is the yarn.
Sprint Yarn #10 Loc Mafia Sprint 10 Use the Brewing Hat to blow up the large box next to the blue vault.
Sprint Yarn #11 Loc Mafia Sprint 11 In a small boat floating by itself near the docks.
Sprint Yarn #12 Loc Mafia Sprint 12 Find the cargo ship docked at the harbor and climb to the top of all the shipping containers to find the yarn.
Sprint Yarn #13 Loc Mafia Sprint 13 In a small alcove on the beach. It's near the green vault.
Brewing Yarn #1 Loc Mafia Brewing 1 In act 1 find the balloon on the main path. They lead up to a wood cage that you will need to crawl to get into for the yarn.
Brewing Yarn #2 Loc Mafia Brewing 2 Inside the blue vault, which is in the plaza near where act 2 starts.
Brewing Yarn #3 Loc Mafia Brewing 6 Right to the Blue Vault is a place where you can drop down. There is a pon cluster nearby. Complete it to raise a staircase to get at the yarn.
Brewing Yarn #4 Loc Mafia Brewing 3 Above Seaside Spaghetti are some Mafia Goons attacking the Coffee Clerk. Beat them and the man will give Hat Kid some brewing yarn. (only available during the day.)
Brewing Yarn #5 Loc Mafia Brewing 4 Go to the beach and it will be on the palm tree closest to the slide exits.
Brewing Yarn #6 Loc Mafia Brewing 5 On a patio facing the sea above the beach. It's near one of the unfinished buildings.
Brewing Yarn #7 Loc Mafia Brewing 7 In a bird's nest on the top of a red steal beam next to the giant tower. Hop on a lower red beam and jump to the balloon to make it to the yarn.
Brewing Yarn #8 Loc Mafia Brewing 8

On the tower in the middle of Mafia Town are several ice platforms. Use the one closest to the clocktower (or the Golden Vault in Act 7) and it will hurl you over to the distant brewing yarn.

Requires: Ice Hat

Ice Yarn #1 Loc Mafia Ice 2

On the pier (right next to the beginning of Act 3) in a cage. You'll need the Ice Hat to get in from the top.

Requires: Ice Hat

Ice Yarn #2 Loc Mafia Ice 1

Behind the ruined house is an ice platform. Use it to springboard to a hotair balloon with the Ice Yarn on top of it.

Requires: Ice Hat

Camera Badge  - Loc Camera Badge
Relic #1 Loc Mafia Relic 1 Under the water drain near the red vault is a treasure chest containing a Relic.
Relic #2 Loc Mafia Relic 2

Behind the blue vault is a destructable crate. It hides a hidden tunnel which leads to a cave with a Relic inside.

Brewing Hat required except during Heating Up Mafia Town where the crate is not here.

Relic #3 Loc Mafia Relic 3
Relic #4 Loc Mafia Relic 4 Next to Seaside Spaghetti at the port.
Relic #5 Loc Mafia Relic 5 On the docks near the bazaar is a treasure chest. Inside is the Relic.
Relic #6 Loc Mafia Relic 6 On the beach jump on the red umbrella by the doors. It will take you up to a platform where you can enter the smaller slide, and has a treasure chest containing a Relic.
Rift Token #1 Loc Mafia Token 1 On some rocks by the sea is the green vault. Open it up to get the rift token.
Rift Token #2 Loc Mafia Token 2

Near the green vault and above the docks by the bazaar are a series of platforms with footprints on them that fall after standing on them. Jump across them to reach a platform with one of Mafia Town's faucets and a Rift Token.

Alternatively if you have the Ice Hat there are two ice platforms near by. The one near the falling platforms launches you toward the tower in the middle of Mafia Town, but the other one will launch you straight to the Rift Token.

Rift Token #3 Loc Mafia Token 3

Behind the faucet on the beach is a patio with to buttons on it. Drop a bucket on one and stand on the other to make the chest appear. The buckets are by the "S.S. None Of Your Business." Alternatively, there is a ball on the beach nearby that you can use.

The safest way to get there is during the day. Grab the bucket and then jump over the rocks and head for the wall owned by the mafia. Walk down the port until you get to the staircase next to Seaside Spaghetti. Walk up to the grass and take a left and a right at the next fork and you'll be next to the red safe. Continue past the safe down two bridges (be careful of the Mafia on the meat.) When you cross the second bridge go left until you reach a gap with no bridge. Drop down, and turn right while hugging the wall. Turn again then it's straight forward to the switches.

Rift Token #4 Loc Mafia Token 4

On top of the clock tower. Hat Kid spawns right next to the hookshot targets to it in The Golden Vault.

Requires: Hookshot Badge.

Rift Token #5 Loc Mafia Token 5

On top of the lighthouse by the port. You will need to get up to the floating platforms next to it to get up to the top, which can be done with either a hookshot lift next to Seaside Speghetti or an ice springboard by the Red Vault.

Requires: Hookshot Badge.

Mafia HQ

Item NO. Image Details
Rift Token #1 Loc MafiaHQ Coin 1 Outside of the Mafia HQ run around the back of the restaurant to find the Rift Token inside a chest. It is possible to obtain this token at the end of Act 6 before taking the time piece.
Relic -
Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 3.00
Using an ice platform behind the bar will bring you to a secret room used for gambling. Here you can find a relic.
Rift Token #2 Loc MafiaHQ Coin 2 Inside the Mafia HQ's bathroom you will find a chest in the last stall containing a Rift Token.
Brewing Yarn  - Loc MafiaHQ Brewing In the freezer there is a treasure chest left to where you entered from. Platform up to it to get the yarn.
Sprint Yarn  - Loc MafiaHQ Sprint In the room full of gold and jewels after going through the vent in the freezer. It's in a barrel that can be blown up with the Brewing Hat.


The Red Vault

Loc Red Vault

The Red Vault is near the beginning of Act 1. Walk straight down the path and it will be on the right.

Image NO.
Loc Red Code 1 #1
Loc Red Code 2 #2
Loc Red Code 3 #3

The Blue Vault

The Blue Vault is near the town square at the end of Act 1.

Loc Blue Vault
Image NO.
Loc Blue Code 1 #1
Loc Blue Code 2 #2
Loc Blue Code 3 #3
Loc Green Vault

The Green Vault

The green vault is on some rocks near the beach. It's below the bazaar.

Image NO.
Loc Green Code 1 #1
Loc Green Code 2 #2
Loc Green Code 3 #3
Loc Green Code 4 #4
Loc Green Code 5 #5
Loc Green Code 6 #6

The Gold Vault

Only appearing in Act 7, the gold vault is perched on top of the central tower.

Loc Gold Vault
Image NO.
Loc Gold Code 1
Loc Gold Code 2
Loc Gold Code 3
Loc Gold Code 4

A Series of Unfortunate Accidents[]

Main Article: A Series of Unfortunate Accidents

One of the Achievements requires Hat Kid to go around Mafia Town and knock off all the sitting Mafia. Here are their locations.

Image Details
Accident 1 On the blue roof building left of the Red Vault.
Accident 2 Next to the building with the hole in it near the Red Vault.
Accident 4 Sitting on top of construction beams above the path the mafia is rolling on a giant hunk of meat.
Accident 5 On a tower near the fountain.
Accident 3 Down at the docks next to the lighthouse


Below is the list of achievements related to this chapter;

Image Name Description Hints
Achievement02 A Series of Unfortunate Accidents Knock off all the sitting Mafia in Mafia Town! There are 5 Mafia members that sit.
Achievement13 Mafia Town - All clear! Collect all Time Pieces in Mafia Town!
Achievement21 Sequence Break No hand-holding for you, apparently! Beat Act 1 by jumping over the fence wall to the left of Hat Kid when the act starts.
Achievement22 Slip 'n Slide Slide down a really long slope! Ride the slide!



  • In Prototype, this Chapter was called "Down With the Mafia".
  • In the Beta Build, Mafia Town had a "Free roam" option, but later got cut out.
  • The name of the achievement for knocking the Mafia off of the roofs is a reference to the book A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.
  • Interestingly, Acts 6 and 7 unlock before Act 5. When William T. Nichols, the game’s art director, was asked about this during a livestream, Jonas Kaerlev explained in the chat that that the unlock order was changed so late in development, the act numbers couldn’t be changed, as too much game code relied on it.