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The Mafia HQ is where the leader of the Mafia holds residence. This is where the Mafia goons take the time pieces they find. The base holds a casino/restaurant/bar, a kitchen, and a theatre.


The Mafia built their headquarters on top of the jet of a continuously spewing giant geyser. How they managed to do this is a trade secret. The only two ways to get there are by cannon or hot air balloon, the latter of which is exclusive to Mafia members. Upon arrival, two buttons must be pressed simultaneously to open the door.


The main doors open into a restaurant, which is full of roulette tables and slot machines. The slot machines take gems, but they do not work. The Mafia who hang out in this area are very exclusive, and don't take kindly to intruders.

On the side opposite the entrance, there is a bar. Behind this is the kitchen, where the Mafia cooks make their food. But unbeknownst to them, Cooking Cat lives in the rafters, where she prepares real food and switches it with the Mafia-prepared garbage, which she is pretty sure would poison anyone who actually ate it.

Next to the bar, the entrance to the theatre is guarded by a goon, ready to deny entrance to anyone not of the Mafia.


The theatre is where the Mafia boss makes his home. Here, he personally makes an example of the worst of troublemakers in front of a live audience, in what he calls "true Mafia style."