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Mafia Goons are enemies in A Hat in Time, serving as the primary enemy type in Mafia Town across all of the Acts of Chapter 1, acting underneath the order of their leader, Mafia Boss.



Mafia Goons are very large and brutish in their stature, at twice the size of Hat Kid. Mafia Goons have thick eyebrows, a small mustache and a bald head. The typical uniform of the Mafia is composed of a blue suit and pants, a white undershirt with a red tie and an apron.

Some variations are found in Mafia Town, such as those that are located in a construction site that wear yellow hardhats, or those that work by the docks with small sailor's caps. In the black market area, there are two Mafia that wear black suits with red caps.


The Goons are shown to be very unintelligent, often acting out violently as to extort fellow non-Mafia residences and having very limited comprehension to problems that arise. As such, they are often portrayed as brutish and ill-tempered towards anyone and anything.

When not acting excessively violent, Mafia Goons are often found sleeping or relaxing on the island they inhabit. They are also shown to be rather prideful and vain, describing their actions as a Mafia to be good and often creating large displays of vanity in their usage of giant gold statues in their image.

Mafia show to have the limited ability to cook, often impressed about their cooking far more than they deserve to be, given the quality of Mafia cooking is often described as poor or inedible.

As seen in She Came from Outerspace, virtually all Mafia are scared of stereotypical science fiction aliens, to the extent that if they see Hat Kid drenched in mud they will flee the opposite direction in terror, crying in fear and potentially falling into lower areas or into water where they will be instantly defeated.


As the main antagonists of the whole of Chapter 1, they serve as both the primary enemies and residence of the area.


Hat Kid can talk to most of the Goons in Mafia Town, often striking up a short conversation that relates to the Mafia's current thoughts, previous extortion events or as part of the tutorial to explain basic controls and mechanics like double-jumping. Unlike most other NPCs in A Hat in Time however, most Mafia Goons will break talks if they are attacked by the player, terrified by the mud alien in Act 3 or defeated in general. If the mud alien is removed and the Mafia is not terrified, they can resume speaking to the player.

Some Mafia Goons however are invulnerable to player attacks of any kind, as seen in those resting, sitting on chairs, being burnt in Act 6 and those waiting in line during The Finale.


The Mafia Goons will generally not attack Hat Kid unless they are provoked, serving as a neutral force if the player is reserved in their attacks. Once provoked however, Mafia Goons are often slow and plodding in their attacks. Two basic attacks can be performed by Mafia Goons: Punching after a short wind-up and tackling before having to get back up from the ground. Compared to other enemies, Mafia Goon's bulk allows them to take significantly more hits than other enemies, having a respectable four hits before being defeated.

If the player swipes thrice with the Umbrella's typical attack pattern, a Mafia Goon will begin to glow red and emit red waves from his body, exclaiming they have Hat Kid's attack pattern all figured out. From here, the player must damage the Mafia Goon in any other way except basic umbrella swipes, as they are ineffective against Mafia in this state.


Unique Mafia Goon types also exits throughout A Hat in Time which do not fit the above groups. There are several instances where Mafia Goons will be invulnerable, with the player able to interact with them for a quick game of Patty-Cake. During the game however, the Mafia Goon will raise his fist quickly and punch Hat Kid backwards, dealing a point of damage. Some Mafia Goons will also stand to the side of your path, and they will stick out their leg and trip the player if they get too close. An instance of this can be seen in the Death Wish She Speedran from Outerspace, where a Goon will attempt to trip you and waste some time.

Another is located at Queen Vanessa's Manor. Unlike any other Mafia, he is found hiding in the bedroom's closet visibly shaking and crying in fear. The player can only see him when hiding in the adjacent door. After completing the floor's balloon puzzle, it is shown that he is caught by Queen Vanessa and frozen.



  • Mafia Goon is the only non-major character featured on the in-game loading animation.
  • During the game's Kickstarter campaign concept art of alternate Mafia Goon designs for added variety were teased, but ultimately never made it into the game. Some variations would've been Rapper, Milkman, Drunkard, Courier, Police, and Vendors.
  • In the Prototype, Alpha and Beta build, if Hat Kid kills Mafia, they will drop ties: an ordinary red or a rare gold tie.