"In any case, this piece belongs to the Mafia. If you want it, we'll have to settle it in true Mafia Style!"
—Mafia Boss

The Mafia Boss (mæfɪə bɒs) is the leader of the Mafia of Cooks, ruler of Mafia Town, and the second boss in A Hat In Time. He is found in the throne room of Mafia HQ, and is fought in the HQ's theater.

His face can be found drawn on various walls in Mafia Town, sometimes vandalized, presumably by Mustache Girl.


The Mafia Boss appears to be a stout man wearing blue striped trousers, a large white hat, and a red coat on top of a white shirt.

Compared to the regular Mafia model, he has a smaller face, larger features (such as blue eyes and a mustache) and a wider, shorter nose. Unlike the other Mafia, his outfit is red and his model it a bit more detailed, though he is smaller.

Boss Battle

Conductor transparent.png "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

Hat Kid, after infiltrating the Mafia Hideout above Mafia Town, will eventually get to a long hallway, with a Time Piece and some Mafia at the end.

She will be trapped halfway towards the Mafia Boss and must defeat two regular Mafia to proceed. Once she approaches him, he will tell her that if she wants the timepiece, they must settle it Mafia style. The battle then begins, switching the controls to a 2-D style, as they are positioned on a stage.

He will use two cleavers to fight. He will begin by spinning rapidly and traveling across the stage. Hat Kid must use a homing jump attack to hit him from above, after which he will be vulnerable and she can hit him with a homing attack.

As the battle continues he will use more varied attacks. He will attempt occasionally to drop sacks on Hat Kid, which she must avoid, and will also use a charging attack, Super Charge, from one end of the room, sending shock waves across the stage. He also has more powerful versions of this technique, Ultra Charge with the strongest variation being Mega Charge. On later phases he will do the Ultra Charge, and then the Mega Charge directly afterwards. He will briefly become dizzy afterwards, allowing Hat Kid to attack. He will also jump into the background and throw his cleavers to either side of the arena. They will each hover there until he tries to jump on Hat Kid, in which she must maneuver around his attack to hit him with any attack.

Nearing the end of the battle Mafia Boss will call a large number of Mafia together, have them form the Mafia Ball, and ride along the stage on top of the ball trying to squish Hat Kid. This can only be defeated by hiding in a gap in the ball of the mafia, and using it as a way up to hit Mafia Boss.


Mafia boss remains inside the jar

Later he appears on Hat Kid's ship as a jar full of purple goo, two eyeballs, has a mustache stuck on it and still wearing his hat. He says after his defeat, Mustache Girl made good on her threats of mashing his remains into a jar. He then demands Hat Kid give him her body to replace his. However she refuses, and he instead sells Hat Kid a badge that will help her track relics.


  • Interestingly, Mustache Girl and Mafia Boss have the same style of mustache.
  • Mafia Boss can unusually be found in his usual place in Rock the Boat, complaining about the seals as if it were a normal Arctic Cruise level. Since you save him from a different location, this is most likely a mistake and is only accessible through cheats or mods.
  • The console releases currently use an older version of the script, resulting in the Mafia Boss's dialogue before the fight being different. Interestingly, while both speeches open and close with the same dialogue, they use different reads of the same line. For example, the first line is said in a noticeably quieter tone on the console versions. The console versions were later updated to change this. The changes are as follows:
Older Version Updated Version

"So... it is you!"

"So... it is you!"

"Ever since you landed in Mafia Town, it's been raining with Time Pieces."

"Ever since you landed in Mafia Town, it's been raining with these magical hourglasses."

"You must be very lost, kid with the hat. I haven't seen Time Pieces for over a hundred years."

"You must be very lost, kid with the hat. You're in the heart of our town, standing before the most powerful man you will ever witness. Everything you've ever owned belongs to me now."

"In any case, this piece belongs to the Mafia. If you want it, we'll have to settle it in true Mafia style!"

"Including this hourglass piece. If you want it, we'll have to settle it in true Mafia style!"

"Lights! Action! It is... showtime."

"Lights! Action! It is... showtime."

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