Hat Kid will find many items lying around throughout her journey. Each one has a use and purpose.

Important Items

These most valuable items Hat Kid will come across in her journey.

Name Image Description
Kid's Hat Default
Hat Kid can collect balls of yarns during her adventure, and if collects enough she can stitch together new Hat. Each hat has its own special power, such as the Sprint Hat's ability to run quickly.
Hat Kid can pin Badge on her hat for special abilities. The effects of the badges vary in utility from the Hookshot Badge to Mumble Badge. At first Hat Kid can only pin one badge per hat, but eventually she will be able to pin up to three badges per hat.
Time Pieces
Time Piece
Time Pieces are fuel for Hat Kid's spaceship. When the Mafia tried to collect a toll from her for flying above Mafia Town, all of the time pieces were sucked out into space, from where they rained down onto the planet.


Pons are found all over the worlds and can be found in three different varieties; green, red an rift.

Name Image Description
Green Pons
Pons are found all over the worlds and can be found in three varieties; Green Pons which are used as currency to buy Badges, set up Relic, and unlock an acts.

Clusters of green pons can be found, too. When touched they will create several green pons in a line, and collecting them all quickly will cause something to happen, such as the one in Mafia Town which cause a stair case to rise.

Heart Pons
Red Pon
Red Pons that restore Hat Kid's health.
Rift Pons
Rift Pon
Rift Pons, which are special pons found only in purple Time Rifts, are used to to get to the next area within a rift.


Name Image Description
You can't make hats out of nothing, and that's where yarn comes in! Pieces of yarn are scattered across every act, and getting enough of them allows you to make new hats. Each hat has its own type of yarn, but you only need one of each type once to make a specific hat. After that you just need enough yarn to make it!
Relic can be found scattered throughout the different worlds, and it's up to Hat Kid to collect them all. Once the Relics have been collected, you may assemble them on a Relic Stand on your ship. There are four relics stands as of now.
Rift Token
Rift Token
Kaching! These tokens can be used on the Roulette in the Spaceship. They’re tricky to find, so gamble responsibly!
Scattered in the Time Rifts, there are pages to collect that complete a bigger story. All storybook pages can be seen here: spoiler warning!
Vault Codes
Vault Code
Vault Codes are found throughout the first chapter Mafia Town. Each vault requires all of that color code to be found before it can be opened. Hat Kid loses the codes she has collected whenever she exits an area.

Check here for a list of all collectables.

Customization Items

Name Image Description
Hat Flairs
Kid's Hat Uncommon
Hat Flairs are copies of other hats Hat Kid already owns, but with a different aesthetic design. Most hats have three hat flairs each. The only exceptions to these are Kid's Hat which has four, the Brewing Hat which has one, and the Time Stop Hat which has zero.
Color Palettes
Custom Transparent
New Colors will change the color of Hat Kid's outfit, and depending on the color her hair as well. She can unlock a total of 11 new colors.
Remixes will change the music of a stage/boss if the player wants to. To change music, they must talk to the Express Owls in the Machine Room of her ship.