Ship Exterior

Hat Kid's Spaceship from the outside.

"Good morning, and welcome to yet another day of space adventure!"
—Hat Kid's Ship/Alarm Clock

Hat Kid's Spaceship, otherwise known as Spaceship (Mk. 14 Custom), is a custom spaceship made by Hat Kid, and serves as the main hub of A Hat In Time. The ship uses Time Pieces as fuel, and requires them to power the doors, and to move the spaceship. The spaceship is halfway to Hat Kid's home when a Mafia Goon tries to collect a toll from her after thinking it is a "Flying boat". Hat Kid refuses to pay, and the Mafia member trashes the place, spilling Hat Kid's time pieces out onto the planet below.

Some of the characters Hat Kid meets on her adventures will visit the ship. Hat Kid can bring back relics as souvenirs from her travels.


Hat kids ship

The ship can best be described as a flying house. It is made of Space-resistant wood paneling around a metal skeleton, and comet proof glass for windows (that has a weakness of fists). The ship also has 4 boosters at the aft of the ship, with further reinforcements along the joints, and a full range satellite for communication.

The interior of the ship is a large and comfortable home. Some rooms are adjacent and connected by normal doors, while others are connected by neon-lit service tunnels. The ship is managed by an on-board computer system, presumably making it a contemporary "smart house".



Room Chapter Entryway Requires to Enter Has a Time Rift Stands for Relics
Living Room None None No 2
Kitchen Mafia Town 1 Time Piece No None
Machine Room Battle of the Birds 4 Time PIeces No None
Gallery None - Yes 1
Bedroom Subcon Forest 7 Time Pieces No None
Engine Room Alpine Skyline 14 Time Pieces No None
Attic Time's End 25 Time Pieces Yes (DLC) None
Laundry Room Arctic Cruise 35 Time Pieces No 1
Science Lab None Dweller Mask Yes 1
Mail Room None Ice Hat No None
Storage Room Nyakuza Metro 20 Time Pieces, ice Hat No 1
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When Hat Kid loses her collection of Time Pieces at the beginning of the game, the ship goes offline and the doors to the rooms on her spaceship are shut. The rooms can only be entered when a certain number of Time Pieces have been retrieved. Each room allows entry to a different chapter by a telescope.Later Hat Kid has the Ice Hat, she will be able to enter the mail room from the slide. Inside is a Time Rift.

Living Room

The main room. Contains the Time Piece Vault, a TV, and 2 stands for Relics (50 & 100 pons to restore). Rumbi patrols the room. There are several terminals for the ship's computer, including a pilot's chair with flight controls attached to the room's bay window.


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This room is the entryway to Chapter 1: Mafia Town. It is comprised of a small kitchen-like room with a glass roof. After the Mafia Boss is taken down, Cooking Cat will appear in here after her spiel on Relics.

Requires 1 Time Piece to enter.

Machine Room

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This room is the entryway to Chapter 2: Battle of the Birds. It is comprised of various machinery that looks similar to the machines found on the sets and Owl Express. The window is a plain, rounded bar, similar to the Bedroom and Engine Room.

Requires 4 Time Pieces To Enter.


This room can be accessed from the Machine Room after getting the Brewing Hat to destroy the barrels blocking the door. In here are several paintings that Hat Kid has collected. There is also a Time Rift here, as well as a Relic Pedestal (150 pons to restore).


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This room is the entryway to Chapter 3: Subcon Forest. It is comprised of a bed, a desk, a dresser and a mountain of pillows. This is the first area Hat Kid sees in the game, although when it is re-entered (by recovering enough Time Pieces) it has a telescope allowing entry to Chapter 3. There is also a secret room under the mountain of pillows you can enter by jumping into it with the ice hat, where you can read Hat Kid's secret diary. The window is a plain, round bar, similar to the Machine Room and Engine Room. If you wait in this room for about 25 minutes, a creepy noise plays for about 7 seconds.

Requires 7 Time Pieces To Enter.

Engine Room

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This room is the entryway to Chapter 4: Alpine Skyline. It has various meters and gauges, as well as snow lying around. It also holds the Dirty Laundry Cleaner 3000, which is the entrance to the Laundry Room, and by extension, the Arctic Cruise. The window is a plain, round bar, similar to the Machine Room and Bedroom.

Requires 14 Time Pieces To Enter.


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This room is the entryway to Chapter 5: Time's End. It has a Dweller Purple wall, Ice Pad, and a Caution Tape Box with buttons either in or above them. Pressing them all allows you to enter the level. The only way to press all the buttons is if you have the Brewing Hat, Ice Hat, and Dweller Mask. The window is very plain, but has an ominous yellow glow, foreshadowing the events of the final act, The Finale.

Requires 25 Time Pieces to enter.

Laundry Room

Contains the entry to Arctic Cruise (Chapter 6). The entrance to the laundry can be found in the room before the Engine Room, where the door to the Science Lab is. This room is inspired by the Laundry Room on the S.S. Literally Can't Sink, but features other things not found on the ship, like Hat Kid's Detective and Parade hats from Battle of the Birds. The window that the telescope looks through is shaped like a porthole crossed with a ship's wheel. Haves a Relic Pedestal (300 pons to restore).

Requires 35 Time Pieces to open.

Science Lab

Can be reached from the Room before the Engine Room. Requires the Dweller Mask. Contains a stand for Relics. This room also holds the entrance to the Storage Room, and thus, the Nyakuza Metro, and a stand for relics (200 pons to restore).

Mail Room

Contains a Time Rift. Can be reached by using the Ice Hat in the Living Room to jump up the slide.

Storage Room

Contains the entry to Nyakuza Metro (Chapter 7). The entrance to the Storage Room can be found in the Science Lab, through a Manhole that requires the Ice Hat to access. The room is themed around a platform in the metro, with giant cat flaps where the trains come out of, and a section of track. Furthermore, the giant cat-pulled trains appear outside the window, and money piles under the telescope with each collected Time Piece. Haves a stand for relics (250 pons to restore).

Requires 20 Time Pieces to open.


  • Sprint Yarn: Given to you by Mustache Girl when you talk to her after beating Barrel Battle.
  • Relic: Given to you by Cooking Cat after having at least 5 Time Pieces and 1 Relic.
  • Relic Finder Badge: Sold to you by the Mafia Boss for 400 pons after collecting 12 Time Pieces.
  • Completionist's Hat: Acquired by opening gift box in the second room of Engine Room, which requires the Dweller Mask to enter, after getting all 40 Time Pieces. Only in the PC version so far.


Below is the list of achievements related to this chapter;

Image Name Description
Achievement09 Fan-tastic! Hook onto a ceiling fan with the hookshot!
Achievement12 Let there be light Light up the spaceship!
(Bring power back to the main hall)
Achievement17 Pillow Fort Find Hat Kid's Secret Hideout!
Achievement19 Return Home Collect all Time Pieces!
Achievement27 Vacuum Vandal Ride the vacuum!
Achievement28 Why just... why... ?
(search the internet for a naughty word)

Image Gallery

These are painting found in the gallery on Hat Kid's ship.

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