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The Harbor was an early concept for Chapter 1 and was one of the first levels created for A Hat in Time. It's name and design changed throughout A Hat in Time's development. Its name is used to refer to the era of development where in which it existed. It was later succeeded by The City of Calcite and Adventure, which later became Mafia Town.


The following blurb is an early story concept that was found on the "Slagapedia" Wiki:

"Tim used to be a cardboard cutout. When Tim was promoted to ultimate Time Lord of the universe, the previous Time Lord told him before walking out the door: "Just don’t have a meltdown, OK?" From that day forward, Tim would remind himself daily to never have a meltdown. The consequences would be dire if there were no law and order in the universe. He put up a poster in his office to remind himself never to have a meltdown. He would make it appear on his phone every time he used it. He whispered it to himself before he went to sleep. It was only a matter of time before he had a meltdown. His attempts to prevent it, caused it. Now there is no law and order in the universe, and it’s slowly falling apart, one piece at a time. Hat Kid collects these time pieces in the shape of objects scattered around history. If they get into the wrong hands, they can be used for evil. It isn't about saving the universe per se, its the struggle of whether to let the universe go its own way or if we are allowed to manipulate it. Hat Kid is from space and goes around destroying time objects in order to let the universe remain untouched. She does this due to an event in her past. Moustache Girl has lived in the white city all her life and watch it be ruled and tyrannized by The Mafia of Cooks. She wants to take matters into her own hand and save everyone, using the time objects. The game is the struggle between the two. Moustache Girl isn't evil per definition, but she is evil to Hat Kid, and vice versa."

"The first chapter is set in the City of Calcite and Adventure. It is a mountain side city with an upwards-flowing river. They're a chef mafia, and they're bullying the entire town to get the best sea food and promote their own luxurious restaurant. They even demand "protection fish" from the town's citizens and cafés — they're totally mean! Getting into the Mafia of Cooks' restaurant requires a good plan, you must use your assassin instincts to become the enemy. To blend in like never before. Inventor has plenty of ideas for it. In fact, he has way too many! Hat Kid asks for a ladder, gets a gigantic steampunk cannon! Delicious Monster Meal are one of the enemies that Hat Kid will meet in Chapter 1. After the mafia of cooks have been defeated, it's time for a party!"

The following is another early story concept found on Mekucube's old website,

"A Hat in Time is a hack-n-slash action adventure game. It focuses around ‘Hat Kid’, a time travelling solo who crash lands on a new strange planet. The planet is cursed by the presence of the evil ‘Moustache Girl’, who uses her similar time travelling abilities to mess everything up! It is now Hat Kid’s duty to stop Moustache Girl from ruining the lives of the planet citizens, using her wits and her trusty time travelling umbrella."


The following is an early gameplay concept for "Time Branching", found on

"The game features a unique time branching mechanism: while progressing in the game, the game will allow the player to discover multiple alternative storyline routes. However, some routes require weapons or items existing in other routes that wouldn’t be available otherwise: time travelling allows Hat Kid to rewind time and grab all the stuff she needs, then go back to where she needs them. Think of it as a tree with branches."


The level itself is rather small, as it was initially used simply as a test map for new gameplay elements. The most noteworthy features of The Harbor were its clocktower, which was used in a modified state in the alpha and beta releases of the game, the water tower, the bazaar, which was mentioned and blocked out in the level's first pass, and its 3 buildings. The Harbor's map, although sparse in content, does feature the following building concepts that were used in the final game:

  • Seaside Spaghetti
  • Juice Bar?
  • Mafia HQ

At one point Seaside Spaghetti was known as Café Manifique, featuring an unused detective NPC only seen in concept art. The detective uses a placeholder model of Mustache Girl. In addition to this, many assets found on this level were used in the final game, including the bridge, ladder, bell structure, and balloons.


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