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"We don't know much about the goats up here, but we try to give them a wide berth.
If you get in their way, they tend to be a bit pushy.
Nomad discussing the Goats.

Goats are a species of large anthropomorphic goats that inhabit most of Alpine Skyline. They are large and peaceful, meaning they do not attempt to attack Hat Kid. However, they can push Hat Kid around if she stands in their path, which can lead to damage inadvertently. The Goats are silent, communicating only with head gestures.



While no goat ever speaks, they do play a minor role as NPCs in The Finale, where several goats are found the the line for judgement. When the group of NPCs tell Mustache Girl to get lost, a goat agrees with The Conductor. Later in the Finale, where after signing off with The Snatcher, a goat begins to throw explosive fruits for Hat Kid to use.


For a majority of their appearances, Goats are set as large hazards for Hat Kid to attempt to avoid. Despite not dealing direct damage, the knockback they cause when getting in their way is often cumbersome, if not completely launching the player off into harm or even off the high tops of the alpine, resetting their position to an arbitrary location before.

Goats often pace back and forth predictably however, making their presence often simple, if not difficult to maneuver if placed in an awkward position. Due to their large size, they do not take any form of damage, making them effectively invulnerable.


For the duration of The Illness has Spread, all goats are transformed into sickly versions of themselves, caused by inhalation of the spores released by the Flowers that opened at each peak after their Time Piece had been taken away.

When infected, Sick Goats walk around the various islands housing the flowers and on the main Goat Village, being visibly twitchy and agitated. Their behavior is altered to match their more feral appearance, actively rushing after Hat Kid and attempting to hit her, which now deals damage alongside the large knockback.

Their torment is only limited to the ground level they stand on, as standing on top of houses keep the player out of their reach. To end their corruption, Hat Kid must make her way to a peak's designated flower and take it out, which then immediately incapacitates any nearby infected goats.