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Gallery is a Time Rift in A Hat in Time, found in the room in the part of Hat Kid's Spaceship of the same name.

The Level[]

Due to its proximity to Chapter 2, Battle of the Birds, the difficulty inside the Rift is on par with the difficulty of the surrounding world, providing few active threats and a greater emphasis on platforming that most early Rifts choose to prioritize. The Brewing Hat is required to enter the Gallery room and progress through the level itself.

Though every Rift has a running motif in its unique usage of one element over and over, the Gallery Rift is much more varied and non-uniform in its execution, often picking up a single concept and letting it go for another in the next segment. Arguably, in the midst of an Art Gallery, the inconsistency of the level's motif serves as the unique aspect of the level from the other Rifts.

Starting off the level is a segment where the player must walljump upwards to the next segment, a set of two rotating crosses. The second cross is obscured by a platform, causing a player who is standing on the platform for too long to eventually be shoved off due to the floor beneath then effectively removed since the wall prevents them from moving with the floor any further. To counteract this effect, jumping against the rotation of the cross and close to the center allows for quick progress.

At the top of the cross platforms is a checkpoint leading up to several sets of balloons. It should be noted that a destructible box to the left can be broken for Heart Pons and regular Pons, allowing the player to both respawn further into the level and repair any sustained damage. Past the balloons is two moving platforms and a third blocked by a large destructible box. Though it is possible to get to the other side without destroying the box, it is much easier to destroy it rather than risk falling down.

Past the first box is another checkpoint and a triplet of platforms, the latter two covered with one box each. Tossing a Potion from the prior platform is easy to accomplish given they are static. Over the last steps leads to two propeller-shaped platforms that rotate in opposition to each other. Landing on the larger one and double-jumping to the smaller one up top is easy to accomplish given the short height between the two.

At the final checkpoint, the player must accomplish two homing attacks on two separate Spider enemies to reach the platform across the gap. From here, wall-jumping in two different areas and a short hallway will lead to the Time Piece without any hazards.