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Feuling the Feud is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing Acts 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Battle of the Birds and scoring enough points in each to sum up 2000 points in total.


This achievement will likely evade most first-time playthroughs of newer players, since 2000 points is a rather steep total to obtain if playing all the Acts for as little as they require to be completed. However, with the goal of ascertaining 2000 points total, sticking around levels for longer than needed to collect as many Pons and Icons of the director is not a particularly difficult task for most acts.


To make obtaining the achievement less of a hassle, it should be noted which Acts are better suited for obtaining points:

  • Murder on the Owl Express is the first in order of the point scoring acts, and generates it worth in points in that regard. Since it is a stealth mission for the most part, the Player can take their time in collecting as many Pons as the level offers, as well as collecting Clues to progress the level. Each clue registers 60 points in the end tally, racking up 360 points just by completing the level objective. Furthermore, a Conductor Icon can be located in the Rec Room and in the Cafeteria by using the Ice Hat, which would likely require backtracking at that point in the game, nets a guaranteed 560 points in total. With Pons, the player can make a good amount of progress towards the achievement, providing its share of 25% plus any points gained by Pons.
  • Picture Perfect has a greater emphasis on collecting DJ Groove's Icons by performing promotional stunts around the city in order to gain the Hat Kid a proper fan base to qualify her star status. Though not as numerous as Act 2's clues and Icon combined, these stunts can net a high point tally at the end of the level by registering 100 points each rather than 60. To make the most amount of points possible however is Pons, as they are abundant in this area due to Moon Penguins releasing many after taking a picture of the player and dropped by the enemies of the level, UFOs. Due to the consistent respawning of these UFOs and their tendency to drop Pons even after many iterations, they can be used to grant a high point tally.
  • Train Rush can be classified as the black sheep of the levels in terms of point contribution, as its gimmick of speeding along the level in order to defuse the bomb makes collecting Pons to maximize score a real long-shot to say the least. To maximize Pons collection, equipping the Item Magnet Badge is a must. In place of Clues and significant quantities of Pons or Icons, how much time is left on the clock before the Train's self-destruction is used to calculate the resulting points at the end of the Act. Though this can lead to higher point quantities when completing a run with the Time Stop Hat and the Mad Hatter Badge on top of collecting as many time bonuses, it also requires such extensive late-game items. Compared to the other alternatives with greater payoffs and such low prerequisite that they could be accomplished in their first playthroughs makes the reward for backtracking to this Act much less viable.
  • The Big Parade has a similar issue as Train Rush, in that its gimmicks tend to conflict with exactly how much points can be salvaged out of it. Akin to Picture Perfect, the majority of points are accessed by collecting DJ Groove's Icons as they periodically appear throughout the level, except they are now randomized as to where they are placed and can lead to a long bout of evasive maneuvers just to reach them in time. Pons are also present, but now much more limited without the pictures of the Moon Penguins or the UFO enemies, making the point potential of this act relatively low to the other Acts. One positive above Train Rush however is that it can be completed in a single run without the need to backtrack, making it a much less tedious experience. Make sure to collect as few Pons as possible before starting the parade, as they are not tallied to the score until the event actually begins.