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The Frost Burn World was a cut world from A Hat in Time. Very little is known about it or what it would have included do to lack of any footage or artwork. From the scrapped songs and the name of the world, we can assume it would be a level focused both on fire and ice, and based on the cut song from it "Frost Burn World (Gameboy)", which was a even more 8-bit version of the fire theme, we can assume that there would be some sort of area in the Frost Burn world to do with retro gaming. Which chapter the frost burn world would have been is currently completely unknown.

Cut Songs:[]

Frost Burn World (Intro): https://youtu.be/Gj0-UX7P1QU

Frost Burn World (Ice): https://youtu.be/9-FtVKlG4g8

Frost Burn World (Fire): https://youtu.be/SiA7mLN3Sck

Frost Burn World (Gameboy): https://youtu.be/fxxcnd2RSY0 (Strangely enough, this track had originally been uploaded by the same person as the others, but they later took it down. Luckily, they weren't the only one to upload it!)