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Food is a common term shared by all the purchasable consumables in the Restaurants of Nyakuza Metro in A Hat in Time. Each piece of food restores a single point of health when fully consumed, making them equatable to a Heart Pon. The player can purchase as many items that a restaurant provides, given that they have enough Pons to pay for it all.

When any piece of food is purchased, the screen fades to a darker shade, as the music changes to be more calming as each piece of purchased food is presented to the player, both with its name, related image and with a short but often witty description. Pressing Mouse 1 will have the food item image either show round bite marks if its a piece of food, or squishing from the sides if its a drink, as further clicking results in it being completely consumed and the next item selected.

Food Combos[]

If two pieces of food are purchased together, they can be served together as a Food Combination. There are a total of 8 Food Combos to discover, but only 6 of these 8 are considered "Undiscovered" in-game. These Food Combos have several unique properties from just eating either of its components alone:

  • Food Combos will extend the player's hit points by an extra point, totaling five points. This extra point is lost when the player takes damage, or the current act is completed, meaning that it cannot be regained if at four hits by taking a Heart Pon or regular food item, nor that it can be transferred to other missions or modes such as Death Wish.
  • As a consequence of extending the hit cap to five when purchased, Hat Kid is completely healed to that fifth hit, meaning that purchasing a food combo at one hit left will still restore the missing three hits and adding the fifth bonus hit. The food is then consumed, making their consumption heal no extra damage.
  • If a new food combo is found for the first time, the player will be awarded a Sticker alongside the healing properties. In total there are six unique stickers which can be obtained with this method.
  • Only 6 of the 8 Food Combos are considered "Undiscovered" and will reward the player with their respective Sticker for discovering it the first time. The other 2 Food Combos will still temporarily increase Hat Kid's HP to 5, but you won't receive a Sticker. As such, you wouldn't have to create the 2 Food Combos to get all the stickers.
Image Name Food Combo? Description
FoodCake Cake Yes, with Juice Box A sweet, baked dessert. Usually reserved for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or 2AM.
FoodCoffee Coffee Yes, with Cookies A warm, brewed drink, prepared from coffee beans. Consuming this drink on a regular basis transforms a kitten to a cat, and a cat to a nervous wreck.
FoodCookies Cookies Yes, with Coffee Small baked biscuits, usually full of chocolate chips, raisins, or something else. Great for a quick snack, and also dropping crumbs everywhere.
FoodFish Fish Yes, with French Fries Battered and fried fish, usually cod or pollock. Most cats love being able to buy it fried, since there's no fishtanks in the metro to steal from.
FoodFries French Fries Yes, with Fish Sliced and deep fried potatoes. An important reminder that alone we are all small fry, but together we are delicious.
FoodHamburger Hamburger Yes, with Large Soda Meat, lettuce and buns grilled and served with condiments. While some may prefer meat alternatives, and some skip the lettuce, all greatly prefer the presence of the buns.
FoodChocolate Hot Chocolate No A sweet hot drink, made from shaved or melted chocolate powder. Enjoy with a sprinkling of mini marshmallows and a swirl of cream, if you want to visit your dentist soon.
FoodSandwich Ice Cream Sandwich No Ice cream served between two biscuits or wafers. Sandwich only by name, this dessert has mastered the arts of disguise.
FoodJuice Juice Box Yes, with Cake Pressed from fruit, and put into a box. Premium juice often features chunky pulp, showing the hypocrisy in mankind's unwillingness to drink spoiled milk.
FoodCurry Katsu Curry Yes, with Rice A tasty pork cutlet cut into strips, served with a rich flavorful curry, and usually rice. While the pun is irresistible given that you're in a cat metro, it will not be appreciated.
FoodSoda Large Soda Yes, with either Hamburger, Pizza, or Triple Scoop. A carbonated drink in a large container. The large soda remains the unsung hero of moderation; an acceptable pick in the eyes of your peers, just one size short of gluttony.
FoodMeatballs Meatballs No Grounded meat rolled into a small ball. To reach true enlightenment you must understand that as meatballs go in, hairballs go out.
FoodSpecial The Metro Special No A big bowl of rice, with fried fish, egg and chips. A meal of everything, proving that even little care can have delicious results.
FoodPizza Pizza Slice Yes, with Large Soda A round dough based topped with tomato, cheese and other toppings. Most chefs are reduced to tears by the simple act of witnessing such triangular beauty.
FoodRice Rice Yes, with Katsu Curry Rice is one of the most consumed foods on the planet. It's easy to prepare and cheap, and the savior of wet cellphones.
FoodRamen Shoyu Ramen No A warm chicken and vegetable broth, served with toppings of your choice. The perfect comfort food for the cold night after you missed the last train of the day.
FoodDumplings Soup Dumplings Yes, with Tea Steamed dough dumplings filled with meat and soup. You won't know exactly what taste hides beneath the dough until you build up the courage to bite into the unknown.
FoodRoll Spring Roll No A wide variety of rolled appetizers, often filled with meat or vegetables. A tasty snack, whatever the season.
FoodTea Tea Yes, with Soup Dumplings A hot drink, made of boiling water and the leaves of plants. Great for getting warmed up on a cold day, either when you drink it or when someone bumps into you.
FoodIceCream Triple Scoop Yes, with Large Soda Vanilla cream frozen at the right temperature, and shaped into a ball, then put on a cone. Many scoops in your cone will impress your scoopless peers and get you that promotion.


  • Out of all the food options, Large Soda is the only one with more than one possible Food Combination.
  • The Metro Special's description would seem to be a Food Combo without having to create it yourself by purchasing Rice, Fish, Chips and an Egg; but you cannot create it yourself since you cannot buy eggs from any Restaurant. Also, since eating The Metro Special doesn't count as a Food Combo, it still only recovers 1 HP; despite being made of 3 other food items you can buy which would equal to 3 HP collectively.