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Fish Dude is a character from A Hat In Time, introduced in the Seal the Deal DLC and can be found throughout the chapter in that DLC, Arctic Cruise, as a passenger on the cruise.



Fish Dude presents a very off-the-wall design compared to most other characters in A Hat in Time, having an anthropomorphised body with blue skin, yellow flipper "fingers" and "toes" as well as a red buttoned-up flannel shirt and denim jeans.

However, his head is positioned so that only one side of his face is facing the player at a time, with a large eye, two fins on either side and the mouth at the very top of his head. His gills are also visible.


Fish Dude is portrayed as a stereotypical 'surfer dude', frequently using casual lingo in his dialogue such as 'gnarly', 'radical' and so forth. Matching this persona is his tendency to be very subdued, relaxed most of the time and often trying to keep a good vibe by being unthreatening in his wording and approach.

However, in one of his few appearances outside of The Arctic Cruise, Fish Dude can be just as rowdy and rude as any other character, as seen by his participation inside the Storybook Groovy Underdog, where he is seen reacting unfavorably in the audience for DJ Grooves's bombed movie.


For a majority of his appearances, Fish Dude is a typical NPC to add some life and a new face to the crowd of returning characters featured in the cruise, found in every one of its acts as an NPC to some capacity.

In the capsizing sequence of Rock the Boat, he is one of the nine passengers that Hat Kid must save, alongside several Seals, several of the Conductor's Grandchildren, The Conductor, Mafia Boss and Walrus Captain.


  • In a dialogue on the top deck in Rock the Boat, Fish Dude talks about how the ship is said to not sink, paralleling it to another unsinkable ship in a movie, though he admits he never saw the end of it.
  • He is the reverse of the traditional mermaid, having a fish head and a normal body