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"We want to die! Yay!"
—The Fire Spirits

The Fire Spirits are a species of anthropomorphic fox-like spirits with an obsession for death and fire. Every fire spirit looks relatively the same, with the only difference being the color of the light they emit from their bodies, which correspond with their fire color. They can commonly be found around the Subcon Forest, doing dances around bonfires. These dances have the ability to create walls of fire that cannot be passed until they're disposed of. Each group of Fire Spirit has a unique color of bonfire that correspond to the fire wall they're creating, with the only exception to this rule being the blue fire spirits, who correspond with the purple barrier.


Fire Spirits can be found in three different parts of the forest. They are as follows:

  • Orange Fire Spirits can be found in the center of the Subcon Village. They need you to burn 4 paintings.
  • Blue Fire Spirits can be found just off the path to the Subcon Well in the swamp. They need you to burn 3 paintings.
  • Green Fire Spirits can be found near the courtyard by the inverted dweller tower. They need you to burn 5 paintings.


Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

Fire Spirits are shown to be capable of dances that create walls of fire that Snatcher is incapable of passing. They are also shown to be immune to fire, as several can be seen standing in plumes of fire in Mustache Girl's Castle. The paintings that must be thrown into their bonfires are shown to be able to consume living beings, turning them into paintings, though it is unknown if this is a power of the Fire Spirits or not.



  • Originally, the fire spirits had four arms, instead of the final two.
    Hatintime Firespirit
  • The Fire Spirit's theme that plays when Hat Kid is near their bonfire, is similar in tune to Mafia Town's theme. According to the game's composer, Pascal Michael Stiefel, there originally was a bigger focus on Mafia Goons being turned into paintings and burned.
  • The paintings that Hat Kid throws into the fire depict one of many characters. These characters are:
  • The paintings also have two unused designs. These characters are:
  • There's an additional painting that was reused for Hat Kid's Gallery. This painting depicted the Tourist.
  • According to the localization files, there was a cut mission in Chapter 3 that would have focused on the Fire Spirits, called "Fire Spirits' Big Ritual"