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The Fat Bird (alt. Sleepy Bird) is a character found in the Birdhouse in the chapter Alpine Skyline

Physical Appearance[]

The Fat Bird is very large compared to the other Crows. It has reddish cheeks and small wings compared to its body. It also has half-closed, yellow eyes that depict it as happy.


This character does not attack the player, rather stays in its nest, sleeping through the act. It will be shown awake at the very start of the act, but will fall asleep and stay that way for the rest of the act. 

After the player blows the right horn and creates a path to its nest, the player must bounce on the sleeping bird to reach a platform with the Time Piece on it.


  • After collecting the Time Piece, a special animation will play, displaying Hat Kid trying to keep the Time Piece quiet, and shushing it in time with the music, as to not wake the Fat Bird.