Enemies refers to all characters in A Hat in Time that can attack and damage Hat Kid. Some of them are commonly seen throughout the game and others are exclusive to a single chapter or act.



A Mad Crow attacking Hat Kid.

Crows are a group of enemies encountered throughout the various Chapters. They hurt Hat Kid upon contact, but can easily be dispensed with in one hit by jumping on them or hitting them with her Umbrella.

Similar to most Bosses, most Mad Crows have the ability to chip at the Ice Statue Hat Kid uses when wearing the Ice Hat, causing it to have a longer cooldown when chipped once and causing her to be released from the statue against the will of the player with an even longer cooldown after that. These cooldowns can be partially covered by the Faster Hatter Badge.

Mad Crows is a nebulous term, and include the following sub-types:

Mad Crow

Screenshot 20180513-025302 01

Mad Crows are the generic variant of the group, acting as birds found all throughout the world. They are very slow enemies, only able to move by bouncing towards the player. Hat Kid can easily avoid them due to this. They are most commonly found in Mafia Town.

Fire Mad Crow

Screenshot 20180513-025401 01

Fire Mad Crows are flaming hot, disabling Hat Kid's ability to jump on top of them or do a homing attack by damaging her instead of defeating the Crow. Otherwise, attacks with the Umbrella and other forms of attack are still viable, making the Fire Mad Crow functionally similar outside the differences listed above. This variant is found mostly at Time's End and at The Lava Cake of Alpine Skyline. They are as slow as normal Mad Crow.

Pushy Crow

Screenshot 20180513-025330 01

Pushy Crows are birds with styled hair and glasses, found mostly at The Birdhouse of Alpine Skyline. They are very quick at moving, almost as fast as Hat Kid sprinting with the Sprint Hat. These crows must attack Hat Kid three times to deal damage, but they are primarily made to ram Hat Kid off the ledges. Unlike prior variants of Mad Crow, Pushy Crows do not chip Ice Statues but instead knock them back like normal, causing Hat Kid to be released without a time penalty.



A Rat.

Rats are enemies that roam the roof supports of the Mafia Headquarters. They roam randomly on the supports, but will pause occasionally at an intersection. Rats can also be found in the Mafia of Cooks Time Rift aboard the S.S. "None of Your Business", though they do not move.

Sleepy Raccoon

Screenshot 20180513-025036 01

The Sleepy Raccoon is a floating enemy encountered in various areas and Acts. It sleeps and makes a bubble from its nose to float. When Hat Kid walks under it, the raccoon wakes up and falls downwards to try and crush her. If Hat Kid is under the enemy, she takes damage. However, it can easily be avoided as long as Hat Kid keeps moving. After landing, the raccoon looks around for a moment before returning to sleep. In this awake state, it does not damage Hat Kid on contact, making it the only enemy where direct contact does not result in damage or retaliation of any type.

They also have a Dweller variant found in the Twilight Bell, which is functionally identical to the regular variant except that they are non-solid if outside of the Dweller's Mask active sphere.


Weird levitating things that can be found around DJ Groove's movie sets. They act very similar to Sleepy Raccoons, hovering in the air until Hat Kid is under one, at which point they fall to the ground to quickly squash her. Unlike Sleepy Raccoons, though, they can take more than one hit to defeat.

Shromb Eggs

Screenshot 20180513-025101 01

Shromb Eggs are enemies that looks like eggs, encountered mostly at The Birdhouse in Alpine Skyline. It stays inactive and hidden until Hat Kid comes close enough, this will cause the egg to sprout legs and run at Hat Kid, with a ringing timer going off. It explodes and damages Hat Kid on contact. It can be killed with an attack or be ignored. However, a Shromb Egg may explode even if Hat Kid is within exploding radius, so Hat Kid should be careful killing it. Some Shromb Eggs are faster than others.


Screenshot 20180513-024910 01

Spiders are enemies encountered mainly in Subcon Forest and Alpine Skyline. When Hat Kid is nearby, the spider falls from its string and looks at Hat Kid. If Hat Kid gets too close, the Spider will rapidly spin its legs in a saw-like fashion, damaging and pushing the player back. It can easily be avoided or used as a stepping stone to cross a gap by using the Homing Attack. The player can try to look for dripping green drool or a shadow above, which is the sign of a spider above.

Shock Squid

Shock Spider

Shock Squids are a rare enemy, originally found only in the Sleepy Subcon Time Rift where they patrol a circular area, but now can be found in the Arctic Cruise. They wander around aimlessly and release a shock wave that surrounds the whole area every few seconds.

Before they release a shockwave, the Squid's arms flail in place and stops all movement. After a moment, it releases the attack, serving as the indicator to when it will release the damaging blast. Given the inconsistent and sometimes radical deviance in the cooldown to this attack, it is advised to primarily use homing attacks to dispatch these enemies, though any damaging method also takes them out.

Headless Statue

Screenshot 20180513-024900 01

Headless statues are an invincible and uncommon headless angel statue enemy found in Subcon Forest. Three are found in the forest itself and another two are found near Queen Vanessa's Manor. When Hat Kid turns away from them or spends to long in their trigger radius, they will begin to sprint after her. In this activated state, the will damage the player, being able to quickly drain their health.  

It is advised to stay away from these enemies at all times though in the instance that one runs after Hat Kid it is best to run away from them as fast as possible with the Sprint Hat. Running for long enough and far enough away from the area where the Statue originated from causes it to retreat and return to its faux-inanimate state.  

These enemies appear to be the successor to a cut enemy known as the Roughpatch or Bushcat, an enemy that would hide in the bushes of Subcon forest and give chase when hat kid went near them.  

Express Owls

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Main Article: Express Owls

The enemy form of the Express Owls are found only in The Owl Express Time Rift and The Finale. As an Owl, they tend to dress exactly like other NPC Express Owls and can be visually indistinguishable. What is altered however is quite radical, as the functional assets in how these Owls interact is much more akin to an enemy than a fellow NPC.

When engaged, Express Owls will rely on three revolving tactics:

  • They will toss a clipboard towards the player when close enough to them, serving as a damaging projectile on direct contact. Coming into contact with the ground immediately removes it.
  • Jumping away from the player as a way to keep their distance, implying a "flight" and signaled by an Eagle-like bird cry.
  • Running frantically, often to close the distance and enable them to throw another clipboard and repeat the process.

Given the high mobility, use of projectiles over direct contact and general prioritization of a moderate distance from Hat Kid before attacking, using swipes from the Umbrella will typically prove ineffectual due to the distance Express Owls keep. Instead, a Homing attack or direct and resulting splash of the Brewing Hat's ability can make easier work than facing them head-on.

Lazy Paw Gang

Lazy Paw Gang
The Lazy Paw Gang are cat enemies found in Alpine Skyline. They will be invisible until Hat Kid comes near. If any member spots Hat Kid, they will move closer until they are right next to the player. At this point, they will become visible and do one of two actions: strike the player, or steal from them.

The Lazy Paw Gang can steal Hats or Pons, which are only regained upon defeating the thief. When stolen from, Hat Kid becomes stunned for a moment. The member will then turn invisible again, leaving the player to look carefully for distortions caused by the invisible silhouette of the enemy. It takes a couple of attacks for Hat Kid to actually take damage.

Similar to the Mafia Goons and UFOs, the Lazy Paw Gang can sustain more than a single hit, each taking two normal Umbrella swings to be taken out.

The Snatcher's Hit List

One of the challenges in Death Wish Mode requires Hat Kid to find and defeat one of each enemy type. To save you some time, here is a list of each enemy and where to find it

Enemy Name Where to find:
Mafia Goon All acts of Mafia Town.
Mad Crow Around Mafia Town, The Birdhouse.
Fiery Crow The Lava Cake, The Finale, Balcony Rift
Pushy Crow Mail Room Rift, The Birdhouse
Rats Ceiling in the Mafia's HQ.
Sleepy Racoon Nighttime in Mafia Town, Sleepy Subcon, The Twilight Bell
UFO Picture Perfect, So You're Back From Outer Space
Shromb Eggs The Birdhouse (projectile badge is reccomended)
Spiders Subcon Forest, Subcon Well, Alpine Skyline (Lava Cake path)
Shock Squid Sleepy Subcon, Bon Voyage!, Deep Sea Rift
Express Owls The Owl Express Rift, The Finale, Deep Sea Rift
Lazy Paw Gang Alpine Skyline Birdhouse/Windmill path, Curly Tail Trail Rift, The Finale, Deep Sea Rift

The Headless Statues found around Subcon Forest cannot be defeated, so they don't count towards the Snatcher's list.


  • Mad Crows originally would jump and glide short distances, as opposed to simply hopping along the ground.
  • There was a cut second Purple Time Rift in Mafia Town which later became Sleepy Subcon that would have told the backstory of Sleepy Raccoons.
  • The Shromb Eggs were originally an enemy just called "Shromb", and would have appeared in Subcon Forest. Instead of an egg, they were to appear as a turnip with a face that would unburrow from the ground as Hat Kid approached, then attempt to chase her down before exploding.
  • The Shocking Squids were originally white in color, and found near the Mafia Town Docks.
  • There's an unused variant of the Shocking Squid that's red in color. Rather than producing a shockwave, they will instead fire a barrage of the projectiles fired by cannons in random directions.
  • The clipboard used by Express Owls is very likely an older asset that more fits the original theme of Science Owls
    • The text written on the clipboard reads:
      • Science Stuff
      • Mafia.......Dumb
      • Seagull.....Smart
      • Little Girl...Dumb
      • Owls......Very Smart
      • Kickstarter Backers.....Smartest
  • There are several unused "enemy" versions of the Express Owl, including
    • A "Laser" variant, that would fire a giant laser at Hat Kid.
    • A "Fire" variant, that would throw chemicals at Hat Kid.
    • A "Charge" variant, that would charge at Hat Kid.
  • There's an unused Lazy Paw Gang variant simply called "Moon Kitten".