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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Encore! is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing The Big Parade without falling off of the rooftops and being damaged by the crowd of Moon Penguins below.


This achievement can be rather tricky to pull off, even after multiple attempts due to the semi-random nature the Act possesses in its multiple hazards asides the crowd itself.

For example, the pyrotechnics that cause random rooftops to spark up and harm the player could easily spread out to local rooftops and cause some havoc to where the player can jump. This has the prospect of scaring the player in mistiming their jumps to fall into the crowd. Other hazards like the Fireworks that home in on Hat Kid can damage the player over the crown and make them vulnerable if above the crowd.


Since the other progressive hazards can pile up and overwhelm the player, it is important to prioritize taking damage from anything except the crowd and utilizing the resulting invulnerability to tank other hazards that could throw off your movements or knock you off completely. Managing health and expending it at the gain of safely traversing the rooftops is a very good skill to take away from this achievement.

Scoping out the landscape to find the triangular, slanted rooftops and small awnings can be a large benefit in the long run, as having a general knowledge where you can jump to when a flat rooftop is covered in pyrotechnics can help provide good backup options if your health is dangerously low.


  • This achievement is very similar to another badge, The Floor Is Lava!, as both relate to not coming in contact with harmful grounds and have exceptionally similar Achievement images.