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Down with the Mafia! is Act 4 of the first Chapter: Mafia Town. In this Act Hat Kid and Mustache Girl infiltrate the Mafia's floating restaurant headquarters to take down the big boss of the Mafia.

Entering the Mafia HQ[]

The level will start where Hat Kid found the Goofy Mafia in the last act. Take the cannon up to the mafia's HQ. There you will see Mafia goons harassing Mustache Girl. Take them out, and Mustache Girl will stand on a switch. When you stand on the other, the doors into the Mafia HQ will open. Before entering, go around the back of the building to find a chest with a Rift Token in it.

Inside the Mafia HQ[]


Hat Kid talking with the bartender.

In the room you first enter, go down the hall and head to the bar. The Badge Seller is here if you want to buy some badges. Climb on top of it and up to the ceiling. Walk over the rafters (being careful of rats) to where Cooking Cat is. Grab one of the buckets she made and go to a small room next to Mafia standing on the right side of the room. There will be a button there that will raise a gate to a key, but it lowers again off when something's not on it. Drop the bucket to raise the gate and get the key. While you're here enter the mafia's restroom and get another Rift Token inside a chest there.

Proceed to the kitchen, which is located through the door behind the bar. Unlock the door next to Mustache Girl, which will be a fridge room. The Camera will show you the vent you need to go inside. Jump up to the platfrom before the vent and look to your left. You'll see a chest with Brewing Yarn inside. Parkour your way to the yarn and then to the vent and drop down. It's a one-way drop, so make sure you're ready.


The Mafia Boss.

Now you'll be in a room full of gold and jewels. There is a barrel at the far end of this room that can be blown up with the Brewing Hat which contains a Sprint Yarn. Move on forward toward where the Mafia Boss is at. A pair of gates will come down when and you will need to fight two Mafia Goons. After you beat them, the Mafia Boss will say that Hat Kid is a long way from home, and it's been more than 100 years since he last saw a Time Piece.

He then declares the Time Piece his own, and if Hat Kid wants to take it back, she'll need to do it in "true mafia style," which means it's time for a Boss Fight.

Fighting the Mafia Boss[]

As the first boss of the game he is a fairly simple boss, however he is no pushover. The fight takes place on a 2D plane, similar to the fight in Barrel Battle. However you can't loop around the stage this time. He takes around 10 hits to put down, and his attacks vary and become harder as the fight goes on. Anytime he's glowing blue, you are able to deal damage to him once.


Mafia Boss's apinning attack

His first attack has him spinning around the room like a tornado. He's blue while preforming this attack, so Hat Kid can hurt him with the homing attack. You will need to double jump to get the prompt to appear.

His second attack is the only attack he has where we won't become vulnerable afterwards. He jumps into the background and whistles, causing two sets of sandbags to appear, covering the stage. One set appears before the second set, showing the order in which they fall in. So pay attention to which ones will fall first. Sometimes sandbags will drop heart orbs.

His next attack he will yell "Super Charge!" before unleashing it. The Mafia Boss generatate lightning and sends it along the ground to strike Hat Kid. After about four of these, the Boss will become dizzy and Hat Kid can hit him.

After taking about 4 hits he will preform a new attack. He'll leap into the background and throw his spinning knives on both sides of the stage. He'll turn blue and the knives will come towards him. You must be quick to hit him before the knives hit you or reach him and he's no longer vulnerable. The sandbag is different now, too, with a Mafia Goon that charges from left to right, so be careful and avoid him too! He will alternate between the knife throwing attack and the sandbag attack until he's hit another 2 times.

MBUltra Charge

Ultra Charge

At this point, the Mafia Boss will jump to the right side of the stage and call on his goons to preform the "Mafia Ball," where they become a giant ball of mafia goons. It will roll over Hat Kid if she isn't careful. However, there is a small indent in the ball, which Hat Kid can use to both evade the attack and jump on to climb up to the boss and hit him. Doing so will destroy the Mafia Ball.

Now at 7 hits, the Mafia Boss will yell "Ultra Charge!" which is not only a faster version of "Super Charge”, but creates bouncing sparks that Hat Kid will need to avoid. After Ultra Charge, he will go straight into "Mega Charge" which turn the lightning red and speeds up the ground waves and the bouncing sparks. After this he becomes dizzy again and can be hit.

Now the Mafia Boss will alternate between Ultra Charge, a faster version of the spinning tornado attack, Mafia Ball and the Sandbags. Keep repeating the same strategies to avoid his attacks and hit him until he finally goes down.

After the fight[]

Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

With the Mafia Boss defeated, all the other mafia goons run away. As Hat Kid looks at the Time Piece, Mustache Girl rushes her, causing her to spin around. When Hat Kid looks again, the Time Piece is gone. Hat Kid looks behind her to see Mustache Girl tossing the Time Piece to herself. Mustache asks what the hour glasses are but then tries tossing the Time Piece to Hat Kid. She tries to catch it, but it fails to the ground.


Instead of breaking, however, time goes backwards to where Mustache Girl was tossing it to herself, but this time with the Time Piece on the ground. At first Mustache Girl is startled and asks Hat Kid if she knew about the Time Pieces could manipulate time, and Hat Kid admits that she did. Now amazed, Mustache Girl starts coming up with ideas about how to use time travel to put an end to the Mafia. However, Hat Kid refuses to do so.


This infuriates Mustache Girl, and she declares that she'll get all the time pieces for herself so that she can get rid of the mafia from the island. She runs off, and after she's left Hat Kid realizes that Mustache Girl stole half of her pons! The friendship meter from Barrel Battle shows up again, but this time goes so far into the negative that it travels off screen and explodes, and is replaced by the word "Enemies."


Item NO. Image Details
Rift Token #1 Loc MafiaHQ Coin 1 Outside of the Mafia HQ run around the back of the restaurant to find the Rift Token inside a chest. It is also possible to obtain this token at the end of Act 6.
Rift Token #2 Loc MafiaHQ Coin 2 Inside the Mafia HQ's bathroom you will find a chest in the last stall containing a Rift Token.
Brewing Yarn - Loc MafiaHQ Brewing In the freezer there is a treasure chest left of where you entered from. Platform up to it to get the yarn.
Sprint Yarn - Loc MafiaHQ Sprint In the room full of gold and jewels after going through the vent in the freezer. It's in a barrel that can be blown up with the Brewing Hat.

Diary Entry[]

After each act Hat Kid will write about it in her diary, which can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows. The diary will only read the entry for the last act that was completed.

"No wonder these guys are so dumb if that's who they put in charge!

"I guess nobody is the boss now, though... Whoops."


  • The music that plays while in the Mafia HQ is named Mafia HQ.
  • The boss music when fighting the Mafia Boss is named Mafia Boss' Big Showdown.


Below is the list of achievements related to this act;

Image Name Description
Achievement15 One Punch Defeat any boss with the 1-hit hero badge equipped!


  • Originally Mafia Boss battle was in 3D like the other bosses. This was changed sometime before the Beta Build.
  • The act name "Down With the Mafia" was the original name of Chapter 1, as seen in Prototype
  • If you have auto skip cutscenes on then Mustache Girl doesn’t take half your pons
  • The Mafia Ball is very buggy and Hat Kid will often phase through and take damage.
  • With the right timing, you can use the Brewing Hat to throw an explosive at the Mafia Boss while he’s on top of the Mafia Ball, breaking it and damaging him
  • Even though Hat Kid wears her raincoat in this mission, in the cutscene after the battle and the loading screen art, she wears her regular outfit.